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Building a Home Guide Dos and Don’ts


Here is a quick building a home guide dos and don’ts.

Building a Home Guide: Planning

• Do a lot of research on home construction processes, materials and designs.
• Don’t make it all about you. Let other family member have input in the plans.
• Do keep a home building journal to record your ideas as well as your final plans.
• Don’t rush the planning stage. Work over a long period of time to insure you have the best design.
• Do spend time experimenting with different layouts, especially in the kitchen.
• Don’t make your dining room too small to accommodate the kind of table and chairs you want, comfortably.
• Do remember that there is beauty in simplicity and efficiency as well.
• Don’t build a substantially larger home than you need. Smaller saves energy and cost.
• Do Download our free 98 page book on home planning, and enjoy our articles.
• Don’t forget to investigate every avenue. Look at shells, kits, and alternative building materials before you choose.

Building a Home Guide: Finances and Loans

• Do make sure that your credit score is good before applying for a loan.
• Don’t spend your potential savings. It is important to save for a down payment.
• Do pay off all debts, and other payments before applying for a loan.
• Don’t lie or exaggerate when pre-qualifying.
• Do make sure that every fact you put on your loan application is accurate.
• Don’t overestimate how much you can comfortably pay per month.
• Do consider a 15 year mortgage over a 30 year mortgage.
• Don’t forget that a 15 year mortgage can save you over $100,000 over a 30 year mortgage.
• Do lock in your low interest rate with a combined closing of your home building loan, and your mortgage loan. You will save on closing costs, and probably get a lower rate.
• Don’t forget to make extra payments whenever you can. One extra pavement can save you three or more off the end of your loan.

Building a Home Guide: Choosing a Contractor

• Do a lot of research on all the contractors in your area.
• Don’t forget to ask other experts, especially Realtors, loan officers, sub-contractors and inspectors to recommend builders.
• Do search on line for complaints about local builders.
• Don’t forget to make a list of the types and weights of materials you want used on your home.
• Do be very specific about what you want.
• Don’t ever assume that your builder knows what you want, without being told.
• Do choose a builder who builds homes like the one you want.
• Don’t ever sign an arbitration clause.
• Do visit open houses and go by construction sites to see examples of different builder’s work.
• Do inform your contractor you plan to visit the jobsite, and verify that you will be allowed to do so as frequently as you like.

Building a Home Guide: Building

• Do visit your building site at least once a week.
• Don’t stay too long or interrupt work, just spend a half hour checking the work.
• Do visit when your footings are poured.
• Don’t miss seeing the floor joists either.
• Do be sure to inspect the wall studs before they are covered.
• Don’t be shy about insuring your lumber is of the quality and size you and the builder agreed on.
• Do bring a cooler of bottled water to the work crews once in a while.
• Don’t ever argue with the crew. If you have an issue, bring it up with the building contractor.
• Do everything you can to facilitate a good relationship with your contractor, subcontractors and work crews.

I hope this quick building a home guide list was useful.

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