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Checklist for Building a Custom Home


Below I’ve put together three separate checklist for building a custom home. I hope you find them useful.

Checklist for Building a Custom Home: Concept

• Will this home be of architectural value?
• Is the design creative and artistic?
• Does the home make a statement which is consistent with your family’s way of life?
• Is the Architecture mainstream or will you have to battle city hall for a permit?
• Do the building materials fit the area’s weather conditions?
• Is the home similar in size and scope to other homes in the immediate neighborhood?
• Does the house have a central theme or feel?
• Will the concept of the architecture make your family feel at home?
• Is your home too large to heat and cool efficiently?
• Is your home large enough to accommodate your family, their hobbies, their pets and their guests comfortably?
• Is your home equipped to change with various life changes, and changes in home fashions?
• Is your home a green home? Have you considered green materials and technology?

Checklist for Building a Custom Home: Utility

• Is the house plan practical, considering your lifestyle?
• Are the materials and colors used practical considering your lifestyle?
• How will traffic patterns flow through the home?
• Is the kitchen layout suited to the family cooking styles?
• Does your home accommodate standard and oversized furniture pieces?
• Is the dining area large enough to fit a table that seats eight or will you have to be content with a table for four or six?
• What happens when you have guests? Is there enough room for seating?
• Is there a space for your family’s activities, crafts, and hobbies which would be easy to clean, and orderly or at least out of view?
• Is there plenty of storage in closets and built in wall units?
• Are the children bedrooms designed so that as each child matures the room will still be practical for them?

Checklist for Building a Custom Home: Construction

• Have you insured that your home will be built with 2-inch by 6-inch lumber in walls, or alternative materials?
• Have you arranged for your floor joists to be at least 2-inch by 10-inch lumber?
• Have you chosen sufficient insulation to insure the highest R-factors possible?
• Have you chosen durable sheeting materials which will resist moisture, and deterioration?
• Have you insisted that roofing felt be used under roofing material as an extra barrier against leaking?
• What is the life expectancy of your roofing materials? Are their better materials available?
• Have you investigated the subfloor materials which will be used to insure that they will not warp or deteriorate with moisture and time?
• Do you know which walls in your home are load bearing walls, and which walls contain plumbing pipes, gas lines and electrical wiring?
• Are the exterior materials of your home designed to withstand weather conditions in your area?
• What sort of maintenance will the exterior of your home require?
• Are you comfortable with the durability and R-factor of all the different types of materials used in your home?

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the checklist for building a custom home – good luck.

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