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Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money


There are many home building tips and tricks that will help you save money on your new home. Some tips are in the plans, others involve doing some of the work yourself, and still others involve loans. Some save a little while others may save you $100K or more. Long-term savings on utilities, and interest are considered, as well as short-term savings.

Top Ten Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 10: Build it Square or Slightly Rectangular
While elaborate homes with a lot of interesting architectural features look impressive, extra eaves cost more, and oddly shaped homes cost more to heat. Keep your home in a compact square to save on utilities and construction costs. Avoid long narrow extensions.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 9: Build it Smaller

Building a small efficient home with no wasted space is much more energy efficient, and saves on construction costs as well. Homes of more than 5000 square feet are not only expensive, they are becoming increasingly, politically incorrect. It wastes energy and appears pretentious in today’s economy. Modern homes are getting smaller and more efficient.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 8: Build to Suit the Area

You may have noticed that homes in your region look different than homes built in other areas. There are usually reasons for these differences. For example, basements are somewhat necessary in the North East in order to get the foundation below the frost line. In the South East the climate is damp and basements tend to leak. Steep roofs are necessary in heavy snow, and a pointless expense in dry, hot climates. Research various building styles to discover how they work in your area before choosing to be different.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 7: Keep Most Windows on the South Side in Cool Climates

Avoid windows facing north, and use window walls on the south for passive solar. Your home’s wall surfaces should be less than 25% window in most climates, for the sake of energy efficiency.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 6: Build Rural

Though you will have to invest in a well and septic tank, over time you will save on water and sewer bills. More importantly, a rural lot will allow you more freedom to build the home you want. This is especially nice if you want the option to build on later, want to use alternative green materials, or would like to have barns or other outbuildings. Building a small home on a rural lot and adding on later can save you a bundle on interest.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 5: Built Green

There are many principles involved in building green, and while you may not wish to apply all of those principles, many of them will save you money. Energy efficiency is an important part of green buildings which you will want to take advantage of. You may also be interested in alternative materials, such as Insulated Concrete Panels. Recycled materials may also interest you. Being creative with green solutions can save a lot of money.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 4: Build a Shell or Shell Kit

Building a shell means that your home builder or contractor will frame, roof and side your home. After the heavy outside work is done and your home is under roof, you will do the interior work yourself. This can save a substantial amount on costs if you have the right skills and talents.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 3: Be Honest in Pre-qualifying, and on Your Loan Application

Never stretch the truth when pre-qualifying for a home loan, or on your loan application. It will prevent you from getting a loan, and you will lose your application fee. Being honest will result in the loan officer looking for the right loan for you.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 2: Clean up Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Loan

When applying for a loan your credit score is everything. Pay off any unpaid bills, pay off your credit cards, and car loans, and then save for a down payment. Having a good credit score will get you a lower interest rate, and paying off your bills will help you to qualify for more money.

Home Building Tips and Tricks to Save Money Number 1 Tip: Choose a 15 year Mortgage Over a 30 Year Mortgage

Our number one home building tip will save you over 100K, in interest, over the course of the loan, and pay off your home more quickly. Of all the home building tips and tricks, this one hands down, saves the most money.

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