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New Home Site: Selecting a New Home Community


What makes new home community site “good” is subjective. Everybody has a different opinion as to what features are considered good and of course the are the home builders building in the community known for building quality homes? A new home site in a community with good schools is important to people with school-aged children. A new home site in a community close to shopping centers and other indoor and outdoor activities is very important to those folks searching for a place to retire. However, there are several qualities that all would agree help make a neighborhood “good”.

new home Site Community Qualities

new home Site Community Quality One: Good Schools are Always a Good Quality
First of all, whether you have children in school or not, a new home site that is located within the boundaries of a good or reputable school district is definitely a positive quality. All parents hope to be able to provide their children with the best of everything. If you do not have school-aged children, those looking to buy your home later when you’re ready to sell might and a good school district will definitely be a powerful selling point.

new home Site Community Quality 2: Availability of Amenities
Another quality of a good new home site and community is the availability of nearby amenities. Many things can be considered amenities. Easy access to shopping, places of worship, theaters, parks, lakes or oceans, restaurants and transportation all fall under this category. Things that add beauty to a neighborhood also can be considered amenities. Brick paved sidewalks lined with old fashioned light posts or old oak trees add a positive, aesthetic value to a neighborhood.

new home Site Community Quality 3: Safety and Upkeep
A safe neighborhood is another quality of a good new home site and community. People want to feel safe in their homes. Crime statistics are readily available for any community. Incidences such as theft, drug use and vandalism can begin to degrade a community.

Those who live within a community also help define the neighborhood. It’s easy to spot neighborhoods where the owners take pride in their property. Lawns are mowed, homes have curb appeal, and yards are free of debris. Well-kept properties will help keep property values high.

If you’ve located a site you’re interested in building on, drive around the neighborhood to see for yourself how owners are caring for their properties. Drive at different times during the day so that you get a feel for real life situations in the new home community.

Expand your radius and look for features that might negatively impact the new home community. Neighborhoods with many homes for rent will be transitional. Renters likely will not care much about the upkeep of their property. Nearby industrial areas, municipal dumps, or correctional institutions are examples of things you might not want in your back yard, either.

new home Site Community Overview:

1. If you have school-aged kids one of the first things you will want to do is check out the schools serving the new home site and community you are exploring.
2. Another quality of a good new home site and community is the availability of nearby amenities.
3. A safe neighborhood is another quality of a good new home site and community.
4. Learn more about searching for and selecting a new home site and new home community by downloading the free new home Steps Guide above and become savvy on the overall home building from start to finish.

If you have any questions about selecting a new home site and good community please do not hesitate to ask me.

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