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Builders For New Homes: The Different Types of Home Builders


As you start to look around at your home building options, you may or may not notice there are several different types of home builders for new homes out there. I’ve classified them into five general categories. Let go over …

What You Need To Know About the Home Building Process


Everything has certain steps to being successfully completed. Just as cakes require their own recipe process there is a set home building process. A process that can lead to a painless home building process. The Home Building Process The home …

New Home Warranty Program


Before signing a contract you should always inquire about the new home warranty program offered by the builder. You can learn a lot about a builder by learning about the warranty he offers. Each type of builder offers their own …

Custom Home Building


Of all the different types of construction businesses, custom home building is one of the most creatively rewarding. While each classification of home builders have their challenges and rewards, custom home builders have more opportunities to create unique and exciting …

Overview of the Custom Home Building Process


The custom home building process is very detailed and will take some time, but in the end you will step into the home of your dreams. With that said it’s important to have a big picture overview of the custom …

Number One Home Building Information Site

Image is a powerful resource that covers everything you need to know about new home building or buying a new home step-by-step. Everything you need to know about building a home from home building planning to selecting a home builder …

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