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New Home Building Process Checklist


Use this new home building process checklist to plan your home. It is important to build the house in your mind before you hire a contractor to physically build it. Reinforce your ideas with pictures and diagrams. Have a clear …

How To Build a Dream Home


The dream to build that perfect home is entrenched in most of our hearts. That special place you will call you own and create life-long memories designed and tailored for your lifestyle. If you find yourself in the position to …

Building your Own Home for Dummies


Building your own home for dummies can be easy, even for a dummy, which you are not. I’d like to start out by saying that anyone who has over 100K to build their own home is no dummy, and anyone …

What You Need To Know About the Home Building Process


Everything has certain steps to being successfully completed. Just as cakes require their own recipe process there is a set home building process. A process that can lead to a painless home building process. The Home Building Process The home …

Steps to Building a House


The need for energy efficiency has created an entirely new set of steps to building a house. Not since the advent of electricity and indoor plumbing has home building been so revolutionized. The new standard for homes is called green, …

New Home Building Guide


Enjoy our new home building guide below, and be sure to download our 98 page free book, on the subject of home planning. Take advantage of all the articles on this site in order to learn how to build your …

How to Build a New Home


With all the new materials and techniques available, it is more important than ever to consider how to build a new home. Residential construction has become a rapidly changing field, full of new technology. Before building a new home, you …

Home Building Process Checklist


A home building process checklist will help you as you inspect your construction on a weekly basis. While some home builders and contractors discourage visits by the home owner, this measure can prevent a lot of court cases and drawn …

Free Home Building Information


This site offers volumes of free home building information. There are many great articles to be found here on every aspect of home planning, home loans, and home building. We welcome you to read articles about all sorts of construction …

How to Build a Luxury Home


When asking the leading luxury home builders in the U.S.A., about how to build a luxury home, they describe the following: true luxury home are largely a matter of good taste, controlled extravagance and unique design. Price and size are …

Energy Star Home Building Requirements


Energy star home building requirements are based on their superiority to previous construction. They must be 20 to 30 percent more efficient than average building standards. Energy efficiency is created largely by: • Effective insulation and tight construction • Triple …

Best Tips for Custom Home Building


Some of the best tips for custom home building involve allowing design to be left to a true architect or licensed home designer. You will need to hire an architect, utilize a builder who has a licensed designer or select …

Home Building Guide: How to Plan, Build and Buy A New Home, and Save Thousands!


Okay, so you’ve decided to build a new home. Or maybe you’re simply thinking about it and kicking the idea around. Whatever your situation the first thing you need to do is learn about the home building process in detail. …

Number One Home Building Information Site

Image is a powerful resource that covers everything you need to know about new home building or buying a new home step-by-step. Everything you need to know about building a home from home building planning to selecting a home builder …

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