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Construction Loans How they Work


Understanding construction loans and how they work, is important when going to apply for a loan. A construction loan is a very simple loan, similar to a balloon note. It only charges interest during the construction process, and the entire …

What You Need To Know About the Home Building Process


Everything has certain steps to being successfully completed. Just as cakes require their own recipe process there is a set home building process. A process that can lead to a painless home building process. The Home Building Process The home …

Free Book Offer on Home Building


Download our free book, titled New Home Steps Planning Guide. This step-by-step planning guide, with multiple worksheets and checklists is yours free as our gift, simply because we want you to enjoy your new home. By reading and following the …

House Building Timeline


A house building timeline is a very rough estimate, and very few of them are accurate at all, due to weather delays, variations in materials and construction methods and the use of modern technology on some homes and not others. …

Construction Loan Lenders


There are many mortgage and construction loan lenders. If you have good credit, a good work record and sufficient income most of them will write you a loan. You will be able to pick and choose between lenders based on …

Construction Loan Requirements: Dealing With the Lender


When deciding to build your own home the very first step you must undertake is acquiring the financing. Very few people have the kind of funds needed to start a construction project of such scale. Banks will make sure that …

Steps in Building a Dream Home


The steps in building a dream home should be undertaken with much thought and consideration for the various aspects of daily life. It is important to plan every detail with your lifestyle in mind. Don’t just follow a plan someone …

Free Home Building Information


This site offers volumes of free home building information. There are many great articles to be found here on every aspect of home planning, home loans, and home building. We welcome you to read articles about all sorts of construction …

Steps Required for a Home Construction Loan


The steps required for a home construction loan may vary according to your specific situation, and how you plan to build your home. Each situation seems to have its own Achilles’ heel. Bad credit, no savings, low income, self employment, …

Home Construction Schedule


A home construction schedule should begin months before construction, and end well after the home builder or contractor has left the building. The art of building a home is not only about lumber and concrete. It is about financial planning, …

Home Construction Loans How They Work


Understanding home construction loans, how they work, and how to get them is very integral to building a home today. It would be very nice, and save you a lot of money in interest if you did not need a …

New Construction Loan Process


The new construction loan process consist of three important steps. Let’s walk through all five so you can get a feel for the overall process. New Construction Loan Process Step One: Preparation New construction loan process preparation includes the following: …

Residential Construction Loan Requirements


Residential construction loan requirements may vary from one lending institution to another. You will be given a list of what is needed by your lending institution. The following items are commonly found on that list. Residential Construction Loan Requirements for …

Home Building Process Step by Step


In this article we will go through the home building process step by step. This will be a quick overview of all the steps. For more detailed information, please download our 98 page free guide at the top right, and …

Number One Home Building Information Site

Image is a powerful resource that covers everything you need to know about new home building or buying a new home step-by-step. Everything you need to know about building a home from home building planning to selecting a home builder …

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