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Content related to manufactured homes.

Builders For New Homes: The Different Types of Home Builders


As you start to look around at your home building options, you may or may not notice there are several different types of home builders for new homes out there. I’ve classified them into five general categories. Let go over …

Cost of a New Home: Getting Home Builder Estimates


Is home building on your mind? Just what is the cost of a new home? Many production, modular and manufactured builders have set starting pricing for particular models and homes. Of course, you can usually add features for additional cost. …

Modular Homes vs. Manufactured Homes


Many people have questions regarding modular homes vs manufactured homes. Most people who don’t know the differences between the two. This can lead to confusion when it comes time to decide what type of home to purchase. When comparing modular …

Green Home Building Companies


There are many different types of green home building companies, green architects and green homebuilders. It is vital to first determine what you mean by green, before you look for a builder. There are degrees and types of green construction, …

Cost of Building Your Own Home


The cost of building your own home depends largely on your decisions in the process, and what your budget is. There is a wide-range of choices in many different price ranges, and traditional stick building is only one of those …

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