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New Construction Loan Process


The new construction loan process consist of three important steps. Let’s walk through all five so you can get a feel for the overall process. New Construction Loan Process Step One: Preparation New construction loan process preparation includes the following: …

Average Custom Home Building Costs


The average custom home building costs for custom homes built in the United States is right around $83 per square foot. The median price however was $78 per square foot. Avergages don’t tell the whole story though, because homes built …

New Home Builder Reviews


Online new home builder reviews can be quite informative. Unfortunately we find that some new home builder reviews lack that ring of truth, while others have too small a sample to count. Should you take all new home builder reviews …

Building a House Step-by-Step


Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? In this article I will walk you through building a house step-by-step. It will be basic, but a good start. As you’re probably starting to realize, building a house can …

Prices of New Home Upgrades


I get this question all the time: How firm are the prices of new home upgrades? The short answer is that prices of new home upgrades are not very firm at all for the most part. Most home builders expect …

Designing and Building Your Own Dream Home


Designing and building your own dream home is a process that usually begins with, well you guessed it, dreaming. We often forget the obvious. It all starts with a dream. Only then can we solidify that dream, first in our …

How to Find a Builder


There are many ways to find a builder for your new home. Let’s walk through each one. How to Find a Builder Step-by-Step Many people use the Internet to find home builders. A simple way to approach the Internet is …

What to Look for When Choosing a Home Builder or Contractor


Knowing what to look for when choosing a home builder or contractor can make a huge difference in the quality of construction and value of the home once it is built. Getting a top quality new home requires research and …

Home Builder Estimates


When choosing a home builder or contractor, you should get between three and five home builder estimates. Understanding and comparing these estimates, will lead you to one of the most important decisions involved in building your home. Choosing the right …

House Building Checklist


It will be necessary to create a house building checklist at several points during the planning, design, selection and construction processes. There are many different types of house building checklist, and most of those will be the responsibility of your …

Home Building Steps – Five Key Things To Know Before Starting


Building a new home can be exciting yet overwhelming. Listed below are basic home building steps you should be aware of before getting started. 5 Basic home building Steps First, consider your budget and whether or not you have the …

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