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Home Building Contracts


Some home building contracts are very straight forward documents, created to aid quality home builders in clarifying what exactly will be constructed and the details of materials involved. Other home building contracts however are sticky legal documents full of language …

What You Need To Know About the Home Building Process


Everything has certain steps to being successfully completed. Just as cakes require their own recipe process there is a set home building process. A process that can lead to a painless home building process. The Home Building Process The home …

10 Tips For Building A New Home


When it comes to building a home, many people have a number of concerns and questions. There are some essential tips for building a new home that you can benefit from. The decisions involved in building a home can be …

Quality Home Building


Quality home building is a phrase often found on advertising for well established traditional home builders. In my mind at least a quality home builder has been in business for more than ten years, and many of them have been …

New Home Warranty Program


Before signing a contract you should always inquire about the new home warranty program offered by the builder. You can learn a lot about a builder by learning about the warranty he offers. Each type of builder offers their own …

Negotiating a New Construction Home


How you choose to present yourself when negotiating a new construction home, makes a huge difference in your strategy. The first order of business is to list what you want out of the negotiation and what you do not want. …

How Does a Home Construction Warranty Work?


What is a home construction warranty? A home construction warranty is a promise from the home builder to the customer to repair or replace and defective item without a charge for a certain established amount of time. . When entering …

Home Builder’s Warranty


A home builder’s warranty is vital to protect your dream home. There are several different types of home builder’s warranties. Some are better than others, but it is vitally important that you understand your warranty, and have sufficient contact information …

How Much Do New Home Upgrades Cost?


How much do new home upgrades cost you or save you? It really depends on how much you allow the excitement factor of upgrades to infiltrate your thinking. My best advice is to avoid getting too excited about upgrades, because …

New Construction Warranty


A new constructions warranty should be examined and compared. Ask all the home builders and contractors you are considering about their warranty. Consider the new construction warranty as part of the comparison when selecting a home builder. Be sure to …

Home Building Contractor


Who is your home building contractor? It pays to know before you sign the contract. Home builders and contractors vary quite a bit. Some are huge nationwide corporations, who staff each location with employees. Other home builders are local families …

Home Building Warranty Insurance


There are vast differences in companies who offer home building warranty insurance. They cover different types of problems and sometimes not others. Some companies offer a variety of home building warranty insurance packages, which vary in what they cover, while …

Number One Home Building Information Site

Image is a powerful resource that covers everything you need to know about new home building or buying a new home step-by-step. Everything you need to know about building a home from home building planning to selecting a home builder …

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