10m X 20m Shed Prices


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If you’re curious about 10m x 20m shed prices you’re in the right place.

This commonly sized shed has many applications making it a popular choice among property owners.

However its cost varies based on many factors such as materials features and your specific location.

So how much should you expect to pay for a 10m x 20m shed?

10M X 20M Shed Prices

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Shed Prices

The price range for a 10m x 20m shed typically falls between $65000 and $85000 inclusive of supply and installation. Prices for a standard MiniBarn shed with Smart Panel T1-11 siding can range from $4592 to $4869.

Opting for Vinyl Dutchlap Siding sees the price range increased to $6015 – $6376. For those looking for a larger shed the Classic Workshop Shed with Vinyl siding prices are between $7374 and $7374.

Shed Specifications

The specifications for a 10m x 20m steel shed include a span of 10 metres and a length of 20 metres. The shed’s height is typically 4.5 metres with a gable roof type which features a 10-degree pitch.

The roof and walls are composed of ZINCALUME® steel TRIMCLAD® sheeting. Sheds may carry weight of approximately 7400 kg and come equipped with three 300mm roof ventilators.

The building includes a right lean-to and knee and apex braces. There is also an included mezzanine in one of the shed bays.

Shed Materials

Sheds particularly the 10m x 20m variant are typically built using ZINCALUME® steel TRIMCLAD® sheeting for the roof and walls. Braces are included for additional support which primarily make use of COLORBOND® steel.

The spanning capacity of such sheds is impressive. They stand strong at a span of 10 metres boasting a length of 20 metres.

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The sheds come with four COLORBOND® steel roller doors and one COLORBOND® steel PA door designed to deliver robustness and longevity. The weight of these sheds is approximately 7400 kg indicating their sheer strength and integrity.

To deal with ventilation the building design includes three 300mm roof ventilators. For the inclined a right lean-to is included in the design.

Shed Inclusions

A typical 10m x 20m shed includes an extensive list of features designed to provide optimum value for buyers. Key inclusions include roof safety mesh Anticon 60mm Foil Backed blanket and Vermaseal.

For convenience the shed includes 3 windlocked roller doors with ATA GDO8 Roller door motors.

An interesting feature is the availability of a mezzanine in one bay. The inclusion of this elevated platform maximises the use of vertical space thereby enhancing the storage capacity.

The kit price starts from $33545.45 however there is a promotional discount of $2770.00 available. Additionally BlueScope product warranties of up to 15 years are offered.

Shed buyers should note that the final price may be affected by services such as plumbing stormwater and electrical setup. While these services are not typically included in the quote they are a crucial part of the shed building process.

Shed Options

One of the key things to consider when looking at sheds is the different options available. When buying a 10m x 20m shed customers need to consider the different shed styles siding options doors specifications among others.

For instance 10m x 20m steel shed designs range from the Classic Workshop Shed the Concession Stand to the Urban 360 Modern Shed each varying in price design elements and customization options.\
These shed styles can also be built with various siding options. Customers can opt for the Smart Panel T1-11 Siding Vinyl siding or the more premium choice Clapboard siding.

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The siding choice can significantly impact the final price of the shed. Other shed design factors such as the roof type shed floor load shed wall girts and shed mezzanine also contribute to the final price.

Various roof types range from Classic shed roofs like gable to Saltbox and Gambrel. Besides the basic shed kit buyers need to account for shed inclusions and exclusions.

The shed kit price usually includes design criteria assessment materials as specified BlueScope product warranties among others. Exclusions often consist of consent authority construction of the building and foundations and insurance.

Overall 10m x 20m shed prices are generally influenced by all these factors and potential shed buyers are advised to closely examine their options to avoid costly mistakes.

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