3 Car Garage With Apartment Above Cost


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When it comes to combining functionality and style there’s nothing quite like a 3 car garage with an apartment above.

Not only do they offer additional storage for your vehicles but they also provide extra living space which can be invaluable.

But how much does it really cost?

It’s a question that many homeowners find themselves asking and the answer can vary greatly depending on a number of different factors.

What if the cost is higher than your current budget?

3 Car Garage With Apartment Above Cost

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3 Car Garage With Apartment Above Cost

The cost of building a 3-car garage with an apartment above is not a simple flat rate. It’s determined by factors such as the materials used the size and included upgrades.

However option prices vary greatly with plans ranging from $600.00 to $1300.00.

The Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage a substantial structure of about 1404 sq ft to 2290 sq ft can have a second floor that could be converted into an apartment. The total cost for this type would be between $57923 to $85584 depending on size and upgrades.

Garage Apartment Building Options

There are several size options for a 3-car garage with an apartment above. Sizes such as 20’x36′ and 28’x48′ are popular among United States homeowners.

There are also single-story options or those with an attic depending on your need for additional livable square footage.

The siding options for your building impact both aesthetics and price. With Engineered Wood Siding or maintenance-free Vinyl Dutchlap Siding choices available you can customize to your budget and desire.

Standard features such as 9×7 raised panel garage doors 30×40 insulated windows a pre-hung solid single door and even a full stairway are included in the base cost. Customizable extras can further enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the garage apartment.

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Starting Your Garage Apartment Project

The concept of a 3 car garage with an apartment above is becoming increasingly popular amongst United States homeowners. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the affordability flexibility and potential additional income such a structure can provide.

Construction costs for a Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage vary based on a plethora of factors. These include size chosen building materials and customization options.

The cost of construction can range anywhere from $1065.00 to $1300.00 per square foot. While a sizable investment it’s important to consider the financial returns a garage apartment can provide.

Garage Apartment Costs

This investment can provide numerous advantages in the long run. For starters it can significantly expand property value.

An added bonus is the potential for rental income if you decide to rent out the apartment. This can help recoup the initial investment over time making it a smart choice for those looking to diversify their income streams.

You can expect to pay between $495.00 to $600.00 for a building permit and anywhere from $500 to $2000 for larger projects. Remember that you may have to claim rent as income which can increase your property taxes.

Understanding the costs associated with building a 3 car garage with an apartment above can help you plan effectively and ensure that your project stays within budget.

  • $850.00 to $1300.00 : Estimated cost for a simple garage apartment with modest finishes.
  • $820.00 to $1250.00 : Cost for mid-range finishes and appliances in an apartment above the garage.
  • $924.00 to $1281.00 : High-end cost estimating for modern and premium finishes.
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Recent Garage Apartment Posts

For homeowners seeking expanded living space or a potential rental option a 3-car garage with an apartment provides an advantageous solution.

Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage available in both SmartSide® engineered wood siding and vinyl siding for a maintenance-free choice is a popular choice.

The garage comes fitted with raised panel garage doors with glass 30×40 insulated windows with screens and trimmed to perfection.

Being spacious it supports up to three vehicle bays and even offers the possibility of converting the second floor into an apartment. The price varies based on the size of the garage.

The 20×36 garage costs around $57923 and the 28×48 option is approximately $85584.

Shoppers can also customize the garage with various color options for the siding and trim to suit their taste.

A stable foundation engineered wood siding and 30-year architectural shingles all contribute to the garage’s durability. But these are not the only features; settlers can enjoy a pre-hung 3ft single door with 9-lite glass a full 36in stairway with a rustic wood railing and eave and ridge vents.

What’s more is the options of customizing your space with cupolas doors dormers and floor upgrades are all available on request.

Customer reviews often claim the professionalism of Sheds Unlimited who deliver up to 600 miles from their base in Morgantown PA. This service caters to sheds and two-car+ garages making it a convenient option for those looking to expand their property space.

Please note that payment conditions for smaller orders under $8000 require a 30% deposit whereas larger orders over $8000 require 50% of the amount. The remaining balance can be settled upon delivery.

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Whether you’re thinking of a single story garage or considering incorporating an attic resourcing a reputable team to guide you through the process is essential.

Adhering to safety codes obtaining permits and devising plans are all part of the process that needs addressing.

Once all the technicalities are sorted you can get around to personalizing your new garage apartment to your heart’s content whether it’s drywall paneling trim paint or flooring.

Indeed the Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage with its customizable options and functionality is only starting from scratch.

Whether you require a 1-2 bedroom apartment or a 1-2.5 bathroom suite Zonda Media offers resources and FAQs to further enrich your knowledge and aid you in making an informed choice with plans ranging from $600 to $1300.

Check out their recent posts for some amazingly affordable and eye-catching garage apartment designs.

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