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If you’ve been wondering “How much does a 30 by 30 house plan cost?” you’re on the right page!

Building a home is a major project and a significant investment.

One of the critical factors to consider is the cost of the house plan; this largely influences the entire budget of the project.

Finding the right plan and keeping the cost within your budget is crucial.

So wouldn’t it be great to have a clear idea of what a 30 by 30 house plan might cost before making all those big decisions?

30 By 30 House Plan Cost

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Estimated Cost

Building a 30 x 30 sq ft house in India has varying costs. On average the construction cost is around Rs.

1800 per square feet. Hence building a 30 by 30 house plan would approximately range between Rs.

540000 to 20 lakhs depending on construction materials used decorator considerations and location demands.

Kit Options And Pricing

Mighty Small Homes offers a variety of kit options for unique house sizes including the Contemporary kit designed for 30′ x 30′ spaces that’s roughly 900 sq. ft. Base kit cost for a DIY build is set at $55533 which can scale to around $277665 – $333198 with a dedicated builder.

  • Each kit purchase includes one free custom interior floor plan
  • Estimated annual energy savings for these kits is projected to be 50-60%
  • Upgrades such as windows skylights and additional wiring are available for customizing your home
  • The kit includes interior and exterior specifications including wall roof and floor plans
  • The cost of delivery will vary based on the kit size and shipping distance.
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Please note these estimates do not include costs like land foundation work or site preparation.

Customizable Sizes

Building a custom 30 by 30 house plan allows for a myriad of size options. With companies like Mighty Small Homes you can choose kits in sizes like the 900 sq.

ft. (30′ x 30′) 1200 sq. ft. (30′ x 40′) or even larger sizes.

The provided kit includes an interior floor plan that is completely customizable.

Opting for a customizable house plan grants you flexibility. Whether you prefer a single house plan or a 2bhk or 3bhk house plan you can design your space as per your demands and considerations.

Different House Plan Sizes

  • 18×32
  • 21 x 20
  • 22×30
  • 26×26
  • 25 x 30
  • 30×40

Exterior Color Combinations

Choosing the right exterior color combination for your 30 by 30 house plan is an important aspect of the design process. The exterior color is the first thing that catches the eye of the viewer.

It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

A variety of Best Exterior Color Combinations for Indian homes are available. Brands like Asian paints offer a plethora of vibrant color combinations that can make your house stand out.

Considerations for Exterior Color Combinations

  • Favoring the natural landscape
  • Aligning with the neighborhood’s color template
  • Reflecting your personal taste and style
  • Complementing the architectural style of your house

Run a consultation with an architect or a color expert before finalizing the color combination to get a professional perspective on the best color combinations for your property.

Interior And Exterior Design Ideas

When planning a 30 by 30 house it’s essential to consider the interior and exterior design. Building a smaller house such as a 30×30 opens up opportunities for innovative and economical design solutions.

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We need to think about functionality in addition to aesthetics.

The exterior design sets the tone for your home. Stone brick or timber can be used for the exterior visually connecting the house with nature and offering a traditional feel.

Alternatively going for modern alternatives such as metal and glass can give your 30×30 house a sleek look. Choosing the right color combination can transform your house aesthetics dramatically.

The interior of the house should be designed to utilize every square foot efficiently. For example the ground floor can include communal rooms like a living room kitchen and dining room.

Incorporating a Pooja room based on Indian standards can also promote a serene atmosphere.

In a 30×30 house plan two bedrooms and two toilets can comfortably fit making it a suitable option for small families. A 2BHK house plan can be designed smartly integrating storage into spaces like beneath staircases or as built-ins in the bedrooms.

Implementing an open floor plan can make spaces feel more considerable and fluid. Natural light should be maximized with strategic window placement improving energy savings and the residents’ well-being.

These design considerations along with the judicious use of materials can ease construction and lower the overall 30 by 30 house plan cost.

Remember to consult with a professional architect or engineer to discuss and tailor the details of the plan to suit your needs best.

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