4 Floor Building Construction Cost


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Considering the investment in a multi-storey property?

The 4 floor building construction cost is a critical aspect to consider.

Does it fit squarely within your budget or is it a financial stretch?

After all such an investment isn’t a spur of the moment decision.

It requires strategic planning careful consideration of various factors and in-depth understanding of the construction world.

But here’s a thought – is the pricing structure for a 4-story building construction straightforward or laden with complexities?

4 Floor Building Construction Cost

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Estimated Construction Cost

The construction cost for a 4-floor residential building account for a significant portion of the total building expense with estimates sitting at approximately Rs. 116 Lakhs.

This cost can significantly vary based on specific factors like location building type materials used and design standards. Depending on the specifications the cost could reach upwards to $400000000 for a 60000 sq ft building.

It’s also essential to consider additional elements such as compound walls sump septic tank and overhead tank (OHT) which could add an additional Rs. 14 Lakhs to the cost.

Undoubtedly a detailed cost estimate can be offered by a contractor or builder. They can integrate all the desired inclusions and provide a more accurate pricing based on complete construction drawings.

Average Cost Per Square Foot

Considering figures from 2019 RSMeans data with standard union labor the construction cost of a standard 4-7 story apartment stands at approximately $11636688.79 to $10455415.12 for open shop labor.

These estimates are based on a 60000 square foot building translating to a unit cost of around $190-$174 per sq ft excluding a basement.

For a broader perspective apartment construction costs per square foot can range between $95 to $645 with an average cost of about $310.

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Of course these costs may vary significantly depending on the building’s level of luxury and whether it’s a low-rise mid-rise or high-rise.

Apartment Building Cost Comparison

When comparing costs of apartment buildings we should take into account several factors. According to the 2019 RSMeans cost data the national average cost to build an apartment building is between $5.4 million and $59 million.

The average cost for a 5-story mid-rise apartment building with 50 units the cost is around $12.5 million but this can significantly vary depending on location luxury levels and specific amenities provided.

For a 4500 sq.ft. total duplex apartment building estimates place the total cost at around $970000 at the lower end reflecting a much smaller and potentially less luxurious housing setup.

If we escalate to luxury high-rise apartment buildings with 100 units we’re looking at a whopping cost of $156 million at the high end. These buildings offer extensive amenities prime location and are often built with high-end materials.

It’s worth noting that construction costs for apartment complexes are projected to surge by about 14% in 2023 mostly due to the rise of labor and material costs.

Prefab Apartment Building Cost

If we consider the cost of constructing prefab apartment buildings we can generally expect to save some money. Prefab buildings which are built in parts in a factory and then assembled on-site can cost between $150 and $400 per square foot.

One of the main advantages of such buildings is that construction can be faster and more efficient as elements are built off-site in a controlled environment reducing the impact of weather delays or on-site complications.

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It’s important to consider that these cost estimates may not include the land purchase utility hookups and landscaping. Final costs might also be affected by the local availability of labor and materials permitting and jurisdictional hurdles and the complexity of the building’s design.

It’s prudent to obtain a quotation from several builders to obtain a more accurate estimate and to better understand what you’re getting for your investment.

Additional Considerations And Costs

The construction cost of a 4-floor building with 2000 sq.ft per floor is just a starting number. There are additional costs to consider.

Costs like building sump septic tank compound wall and OHT which can add up to an estimated Rs. 14 Lakhs.

The exact location of your building will also factor into the cost. A building in a major metropolitan area like New York or San Francisco will cost noticeably more than a similar building in rural Utah or Texas.

Materials can drastically affect the pricing. Options including brick veneer metal studs precast concrete and reinforced concrete frame could increase or decrease the cost.

The interior finishing such as floor finish wall finish windows and doors and grid utility systems could also make a noticeable difference on the cost.

Other potential costs are contractor fees estimated at 25% and architectural fees at 7% of the total cost. You also have to consider other fees like the permit fees construction drawings and specialized labor in the form of standard union labor or open shop labor.

If you’re considering a 4-7 story apartment building refer to the actual 2019 RSMeans cost data to get a more accurate estimate. Also be prepared for a potential inflation in construction costs as it is projected to increase by approximately 14% in 2023.

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Moreover if you’re planning on owning an apartment complex there are financial aspects to consider. That includes estimated ownership costs that range from 20% to 50% of the income generated by the apartments.

Cost/benefit ratios current RSMeans cost data market conditions and availability of labor and materials should all be part of your analysis.

Lastly costs may vary based on the type of apartment you’re planning on building. A luxury apartment could cost as much as $550 to $650 per sq.ft.

Such apartments might require amenities like a completely automated parking garage or advanced securitized art systems which adds to the base cost of the construction.

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