When building a new home you’ll want to think and plan on making your new home as healthy as possible. Here are 9 suggestion to make your new home as healthy as possible.

1. Build your new home in a clean location. This includes consideration of air quality, noise pollution, water quality and looking at what the land was used for before housing.

2. Build your new home airtight. This will not only make your new home more healthy, but it will also make your new home more energy efficient and minimize uncontrolled infiltration, allowing you more control over the indoor air.

3. Install ventilation systems. Everyone needs fresh air and a ventilation system helps manage the air supply and goes a long way towards a healthy home.

4. Make sure you don’t create a depressurized house. This can result in spillage and backdrafting. It can also pull in radon, pesticides, mold spores, etc making for an extremely unhealthy home.

5. Talk to your builder about radon-resistant strategies for your new home.

6. Consider how much carpeting you use in your new home. Carpeting is horrible when it comes to decreasing the quality of the air you breathe within your home. If you have sensitive occupants in your home who are highly allergenic, consider not using it at all. Do your homework here in detail and it will pay dividends in the end with a more healthy new home.

7. Only use water-based paints, adhesives, caulks, etc., if possible. Water-based products are gentler than solvent-based products because they have reduced levels of organic chemicals.

8. Make sure you test materials for sensitive occupants and their personal tolerance. The key materials to test are interior materials such as wall covering, flooring, paint, etc.

9. Talk to your builder about mold-resistant building materials and strategies.
These nine suggestions should go a long way in planning and building a healthy new home you can enjoy for years to come.

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