The advantages of buying a new construction home are vast for many people. While some people prefer a stately historic home, it simply isn’t for everyone. There are both advantages and disadvantages in purchasing a truly historic home, but few advantages at all to buying a slightly used house. Here is a list of new construction advantages to help you decide which sort of home is best for you.

Exploring the Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: More Energy Efficient
There has been a lot of progress in energy efficient technology in the last year. Energy efficiency is something you will obviously not find in a historic home, but did you know that homes built only five years ago are usually much less efficient than new green homes?

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: Higher Standards and Durability

Homes built as little as five or ten years ago were not built to the standards of the latest modern homes. Most home builders today use 2” x 6” lumber, compared to all the 2” x 4” lumber that was used staring in the 50s, and continuing until energy efficiency became such a huge issue. Now in most cases historical homes are durable, and built with huge timbers, but it can cost a lot to heat and cool them, because few of them are truly air tight.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows have only recently become an option. They cost more, but they are worth it in energy savings. Installed correctly, a triple glazed window saves energy. A note of caution though; if installed incorrectly, no window is energy efficient. In order to be efficient air cannot leak around the sills or frame, and the window frame must fit tightly.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: Easier to Clean

It is much easier to clean a new house and the newer the better. Older homes can have hidden grime and dirt. They can also have black mold, when you move in. It’s much easier to start out clean and fresh, with no residual germs.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: No Guilt and No Blame

Only a short time ago many homes were dumped on the market due to foreclosures. While it was and still is a great time to buy one of these homes, the thought of someone else being forced out of that home, might make you feel a bit haunted, perhaps literally. There have been a few cases of former owners stalking the new home owners.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: No Ghosts or Other People’s Energy

It is not uncommon either, for homeowners to feel uncomfortable in a home someone else lived in and perhaps died in. They sometimes sense the other people, or feel an air of intrusion, or as if they are the intruder in a stranger’s home. It’s just a feeling, but a person’s home should feel comfortable to them. Most people don’t think it would bother them but sometimes it does.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home: Helping the Economy

By building a new home you are actually providing jobs for many people. This helps the economy and people in your own neighborhood. Unemployment is a serious problem, that hurts everyone in the community, and not just the unemployed. Small businesses benefit from new housing starts and the purchases of employed carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

There are advantages to all types of homes, and not everyone would agree that a new home is best. There could be savings involved in buying an older home, and some people actually like ghosts, or the feeling of someone else’s energy in a home. However the advantages of a brand new home are great, especially if you decide to have your own custom home built. That way the home is uniquely yours and made to order. The advantages of buying a new construction home are substantial, especially the energy savings.

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