The best advice on building a new home is to build the home you and your family always wanted. That may sound simplistic, but the truth is that everyone’s idea of a dream home is different. When we close our eyes and imagine where we would like to live, none of us are seeing the same picture. For this reason, it is important to have many family discussions about what each family member wants most.

Advice on Building a New Home: Get Everyone on the Same Page

Get all family members to do Google image searches and keep a folder of home images they like. Get each family member to write down five or ten important features they would like in the new house. Compare and combine the ideas to create the plan for your new home. Find out what is most important to each family member, and make sure that everyone decides least one key element of the plan. Once you and your family have refined your ideas into a solid and unified plan, start putting this plan onto paper so that home builders can understand exactly what you want.

Advice on Building a New Home: The Technical Stuff

Once you have a plan, learn as much as possible about construction. Learn about alternative materials, as well as traditional building methods. Learn what makes a home sturdy. You can begin your research by downloading our 98 page home building guide at the top right of this page. Continue to read our website, and search the web for more information on building materials and construction techniques. It is important to understand which materials are most durable, and not just accept the industry standard without thinking. This will be your home. It is important to choose the strongest and the best energy efficient building materials available.

Advice on Building a New Home: Ways to Stay in the Budget

There are many money saving ideas when building a home, but never compromise structural integrity to save money. In the same way, never compromise your dream in a way that is important to you and your family. Not all suggestions will work in every situation. Choose the ideas that may apply to your family.

• Build a Smaller Home – There is a trend to build smaller more energy efficient homes. Large homes have much higher utility bills than smaller ones.
• Use Alternative Green Materials – Consider insulated concrete panels for a lower price, less labor and greater durability.
• Consider a Modular Home – Modular homes cost less, and can be built much more quickly than traditional homes.

Advice on Building a New Home: Making Sure You Get what You Want

One of the best ways to insure you get what you want from a home is to hire a competent and experienced general contractor. Be sure to research contractors extensively before narrowing your choices to between three and six contractors. Interview and get quotes only from contractors who have an excellent reputation in your area. Your home builder should:

• Be Knowledgeable and Experienced
• Have a Good Honest Reputation
• Be Easy to Communicate With
• Understand what is Important to You
• Build Home Similar to the One You Want

When building a new home, it is important to stay focused on your goals. Continue to supervise your construction project by visiting the site at least once a week. Be sure to inspect studs and insulation before they are sealed in by drywall. It is important to stay vigilant in checking the site, and being personable to the crew building your home. Bring them some iced tea, or a cooler of bottled water when you visit. Always be nice to the crew. If you have concerns about quality take them up with your contractor, not the crew. Collect advice on building a new home from your contractor, and helpful articles like this one, but make sure the final decision is your own.