New home builders should accumulate many sources of advice on building a new home. The more information you can gather, the better. Learn as much as you can about architecture, building materials, construction techniques and skills. Even though you will probably use a contractor or home builder, it is very important to know as much as possible about houses and how they are built. For a great start on collecting information, download our free 98 page guide on building a new home.

Tips and Advice on Building a New Home

• Start with a home building journal. Began to piece together articles and pictures to help you decide exactly what you want your home to be like, and what sort of materials you want.

• You should research architectural styles, alternative materials and traditional construction techniques to discover which type of house you would prefer. Be sure to consider energy efficiency when making selections.

• Decide on a budget. The most you can borrow is one third of your income, but one forth is more practical. To determine how much you can borrow, use an on line mortgage calculator to determine payments on various amounts.

• Consider a 15 year loan. The interest rates are lower, and the payments are only a little more per month. The savings in total interest payments usually amount to over $100,000.

• It is important to research home builders and contractors in your area carefully before choosing the right person to build your home. Ask local Realtors, loan officers, building inspectors and subcontractors which three builders they think are best for the type of home you wish to build. Use Google search to find out more about the home builders. Investigate to find out if there are any home owners in your area who are dissatisfied with their homes.

• Inspect local homes built by different contractors you are considering. Go to open houses, visit construction sites in progress, and ask a Realtor to view a few homes as well. When inspecting a home, look in basements, crawl spaces and unfinished attics to examine the lumber and level of craftsmanship.

• Do not sign any contract which has an arbitration clause. They limit your right to sue if you are unhappy with your home. Instead select a builder who has extensive insurance and a good home builder’s warranty.

• Visit your construction site regularly as your home is built. Always be nice to home builders, contractors, subcontractors and workers. Bring refreshments at least occasionally, and consider these people your friends. At the same time though, be sure to examine the work as it is being done to make sure that every part of construction meets your specifications.

Discover which type of home you want, what materials you wish to use and what sort of floor plan and layout works best for your family. Gather and use a wide selection of resources to become more informed about the construction process. Take advantage of many sources of advice on building a new home, in order to get the home you want.

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