When reading about affordable home building tips, you will notice that most sources feel you must give up something to afford your home. This is only occasionally true. Often, by shopping wisely, considering all the possibilities and being a bit creative you can still get a great house for a fraction of the cost. Here are some great money-saving ideas, many borrowed from green home building technology.

Affordable Home Building Tips For Saving Money

Affordable Home Building Tips: No Compromise
There are a few things that must not be compromised, namely structural integrity, durability, and creative design. Many home buyers pay extraordinarily high prices for homes that won’t last 25 years without major structural problems. Some homes are proven unsound within the first year. Going to the bargain basement, discount house builder isn’t usually a good solution. If something costs a lot less and you don’t know why, you need to ask a lot of questions before you sign anything.

Affordable Home Building Tips: Never Compromise On
• Foundation – don’t settle for a slab, unless you are in an arid and insect free zone. Termites and rot may prove to be more than a match for your slab built home, in a damp climate.
• Strength of Exterior Walls – Use either 4 by 6 lumber, stone, logs, Ferro Cement, Timber framing, or insulated concrete panels. These materials are strong and will endure through all sorts of adverse conditions.
• Floor joist and truss lumber – Make sure the joists are at least 2 by 10 inches and your trusses are sturdily built.
• Roofing Materials – Roofing materials are priced according to durability. Get at least a 25 year roofing shingle.
• Energy Efficiency – Don’t scrimp on insulation. Insulation pays for itself over time, and it is hard to add insulation after a home is build.
• Durability of Materials – Make sure your lumber and ply-wood are sufficient to withstand wind, moisture, time and storms. Some things are more important than saving a little money.

Affordable Home Building Tips: Use Creativity and Research to Save
There are many inexpensive ways to get a great home. If you truly cannot afford a standard traditional home, but you want a place you can be proud of you have finally come to the right place. There are a lot of ways to get a unique creative home for much less.
• Kits – Many companies sell home kits, that you can either assemble yourself or hire a contractor to put together. The job can be done in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost. Investigate all kits, as you would a home builder or contractor, to insure you get a durable kit.
• Modular Homes – Modular homes are just like stick built homes except they are assembled in a factory, brought to your site and snapped together. This saves both money and time. Modular homes can be built at substantial savings, and be ready to move into in a very short time.
• Insulated Concrete Panels – Insulated concrete panels are simply foam-core insulation, sandwiched between concrete and steel. It is estimated that these durable panels will last for hundreds of years. There are two ways to get insulated concrete panels, either pre-poured, or by assembling the foam-core and steel, and then spraying or spreading the concrete on site. The latter is probably more economical, provided you can find an expert at spraying cement.
• Ferro Cement – This can be hard to get a permit for in some areas, but the durability and cost effectiveness is above reproach when applied properly. You may have to fight city hall to get a permit, but if you can persuade them to sign the permit, you can save a lot of money. Loans are also hard to get, but you may not need one if the price is low enough.
• Artistic Application of recycled Materials – There are many different materials that are inexpensive for building, and have an amazing appearance. Among these is Ferro-cement, plus just about anything. Any object, can be covered or partially covered in Ferro-cement, or spread on the surface of wet cement. For example covering a coat of wet cement with small landscaping pebbles looks really great. Lay old glass bottles like brick, with cement mortar between them, for a modern art stained glass window.
• Incorporate Used Shipping Containers – The latest, in insanely affordable home building technique, is to incorporate used shipping containers. Imagine increments of 320 square feet, for only $2000 each. Many people place two of them 10 or 15 feet apart and the adding a wall on each end, joining the two. I’d recommend placing them on a standard foundation with floor joists under them, and then adding a roof, but some people just put them on a slab, and do not add a roof. In dry climates this may work fine. In moist climates you may want to consider that this thing has a plywood floor, and get it up off the ground, either on pillars and joists or with a real foundation. You will need to hire a contractor to build your foundation, but you’d still be saving a bundle. If you are on a really tight budget, a roof can always be added later. Cover it with roll roofing, till you can afford to purchase proper trusses and hire roofers. This project could wait till you have more money. Later still, you can cover the sides with the siding material of your choice, to add extra insulation, and make it look nicer. One way is to simply apply an adequate system of furring strips, foam core insulation, and vinyl siding.
• Finish it up yourself – Whether you have your heart set on a traditional home, or one of the kits or other projects above, hire a contractor to get your home under roof, and sided. Then do the rest yourself. You will also need a subcontractor for plumbing and wiring, but there is no reason why you can’t do your own dry wall, paint and wallpaper if you are a reasonably talented do-it-yourselfer. However, if you are not talented with these types of things, it may be best to just pay your contractor to finish up.

There is no reason for a creative person to sacrifice quality, uniqueness, durability or superior design, in order to build a home for less. Using these affordable home building tips, you can have a unique and creative house for an amazingly low price.

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