Our new top Austin, Texas home builder directory is designed to show a range of home builders in the area. This list is by no means all inclusive. There are many fine builders in Austin and the surrounding areas which are not on the list, simply because space does not permit a review of all the truly great builders in the area. The following are exemplary builders in Austin, but there are many more.

Austin Home Builders

Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes
2010 National Master Builder of the Year, Zbranek & Holt are experts at creating custom Spanish and southwestern design homes of amazing architecture in the Austin area. Vaulted barrel ceilings and multiple archways, columns and so many other dramatic features set this builder apart from the rest as world class.

Jeff Watson Homes
Since 1991 Jeff Watson Homes has been building some truly exciting Austin custom homes in the western style. Outstanding design, great specialty stone and stucco work, and exemplary use of glass and timber to make unique windows, this builder shows a strong ability to capture the dreams of clients with uncommon creativity

Jenkins Custom Homes
The advantages of Jenkins Custom Homes can be found in the details. Custom hand carved fire places, walls of windows, and incredible styling everywhere you turn in sets these homes apart. Find the uncommon luxury of artistic home building.

Perry Homes
A quality home from the ground up, is the goal of these custom home builders. Specializing in good solid construction techniques, Perry homes offers strong customer service including home designers who turn your floor plans into real homes.

Drees Custom Homes
Sensational yet sensible, Drees offers gorgeous Austin custom homes, some at a fraction of the price you’d expect. Great looking top quality luxury homes, with custom design features. Uncommon style and beauty in every detail.

Mangum Custom Homes
Taking custom homes to new heights and some very challenging angles, Mangum can give the client exactly what they want, with amazing precision, while providing ample luxury, with ambiance and design detail.

Main Street Homes
Remarkably low prices on new homes, is a great selling point of Main Street Homes. The areas largest privately owned builder, passes on savings to clients, and provides sound investments on remarkably affordable homes.

K. Hovnanian
With over 50 years of experience, K. Hovnanian is the “first name in lasting value.” Offering stately and classic housing designs for 50 years, K. Hovnanian homes are practical energy efficient and traditional in appearance.

Sterling Custom Homes
Unique and amazing architectural features, coupled with warm earthy colors typify a Sterling Custom Home. Their distinctly southwestern architecture, sandstone block stonework, and lovely arches and curves provide a symphony of unique texture, shape and design possibilities. If you can imagine it, they can build it. They show a lot of versatility and skill of execution of your designs and are a favorite of many Austin home builders.

Mercedes Homes
Fabulous custom styling, and versatility in execution of a dream home, set Mercedes apart from most builders. They seem comfortable with a variety of styles and building materials.

Our list of home builders in Austin, Texas is not designed to be exclusive of other builders, it’s just a starting point for you. There are so many great home builders in Austin and you really need to do your homework. Here is a list of some other Austin area home builders you can check out.

Acacia Grove Custom Homes
Acanthus Homes
American Premiere Homes
Ash Creek Homes, Inc.
Ashdon Homes, LLC
Atwell Builders
Azteca Homes LLC
Bagwell Custom Homes LLC
Banister Homes Inc
Barker Custom Homes
Brad Marshall Homes, LLC
Brian A. Bailey Homes, Inc
Brian A. Bailey Homes, Inc.
Brian Sheffield Custom Homes
Bridgewater Builders, Inc.
Brohn Homes
Bruce Homes Buckner
Buddy Dryden Builder
Buell Custom Homes, LLC
Buffington Homes
Buffington Texas Classic Homes, LLC
Cactus Wood Homes LLC
Canterbury Homes of Texas
Canyon Creek Homes, Inc.
Capital City Builders
Caprock Buiders, LLC
Capstone Custom Builders, Inc.
Carpenter Custom Homes
Casa Bella Homes, Inc.
Casa Dura Homes LLC
Casa Grande Custom Homes LLC
Casa Sereno Homes LLC
Cavalcade Custom Homes LP
Cedar River Custom Homes Inc
Century Custom Homes
Cool River Custom Homes
Cornwell Custom Homes LLC
D. Martin Homes, LLC
Dan Day Homes
Forte Construction
Foursquare Builders, LLC
Francisco Builders
French Homes LLC
Haymond Homes
Henley Homes Inc
Heritage Lane Fine Homes
Highland Homes Inc.
Huddleston Custom Homes Inc
Huitron Homes Inc
Jackson-Patrick Homes
Jamail Custom Homes
Skirrow Homes Inc
Smith Builders, LLC
Soledad Builders LLC
Solluna Builders Inc
South Star Homes
Southersby Homes LLC
Speciale Homes, Ltd.
Spring Builders, LLC
Thurman Homes, Inc.
Tim W. Long Custom Homes, Inc
Watkins Custom Homes, LLC
Wes Peoples Homes LLC
Wilde Custom Homes
Wilshire Homes
Wyeth Custom Homes Inc
Yonge & Bratton Homes, LLC
Zoch Builders Inc

I hope this Austin home builder listing article was helpful for you.

Home Builders Association of Greater Austin

You might also want to check out the Home Builders Association of Austin for further local home building information. It’s a great resource.

Let me know if you have any questions about home building. By the way, I recommend you learn more about the overall home building process by downloading the free New Home Steps Guide above and become savvy on custom home building from start to finish. I think you would really enjoy it.

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