Average Cost To Add A Second Story


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Wondering about the average cost to add a second story to your home?

There’s no denying the allure of expanding your living space upwards.

Unfortunately managing your expectations alongside your budget can be quite challenging.

Is it worth the investment?

Average Cost To Add A Second Story

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Average Cost Of A Second-Story Addition

The average cost to add a second story depends on a plethora of factors including location project size and complexity. Generally homeowners should anticipate a range of $200-$400 per square foot.

Therefore a 1000 square foot addition could tally between $200000 to $400000. Keep in mind these numbers may increase by 20-30% if significant structural modifications are needed.

What Impacts the Cost?

Several factors can influence the final project cost. For example hiring professionals like an architect or designer can append an additional 10-20% to your budget.

Moreover permits inspections and subcontractor fees add to the total sum. It’s essential to remember that project timeline may also affect your total costs.

  • Location: The cost of labor and material significantly varies between states and cities.
  • Size: The more square footage you add the higher the cost.
  • Complexity: More complex projects will require more resources and time increasing the cost.

Impact on Return on Investment (ROI)

Adding a second story can boost your home’s value. However it’s crucial to consider the ROI when deciding whether a second-story addition is economically viable.

Online research and consulting professionals for pricing information can provide a practical opinion.

National Averages for Second-Story Additions

The average cost per square foot for second-story additions in the United States is between $100-$300. However the low-end and high-end costs can range between $80000 and $600000 respectively.

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This wide range is primarily due to the disparity in costs between different markets.

Types of Second-Story Additions

Homeowners typically opt for three types of second-story additions: full-story addition partial addition and bonus room addition. Full-story addition incorporates the entire footprint of your existing house and partial addition covers just part of it.

A bonus room addition on the other hand might involve converting a basement or garage into living space.

Estimated Cost in Four Major Cities

The cost to add a second story can vary heavily by location. Here are cost estimates for four major cities:

City Full Second Story Cost Partial Second Story Cost Garage Bonus Room Cost
Los Angeles California $550000-$1000000 $165000-$300000 $150000-$175000
Denver Colorado $350000-$550000 Approximately $250000 Approximately $82500
Houston Texas $360000-$500000 (for a 2000-square-foot house) $90000-$125000 (for 500 square feet)
Seattle Washington Approximately $400000-$550000 Approximately $250000-$300000 Approximately $150000

Types Of Second-Story Additions

Considering the average cost to add a second story it’s important to know the types available. A Full-story addition includes adding a complete level to your house.

This type often requires major budget and involves lengthy construction work.

A Partial addition is another type. A part of existing floor is utilized for this construction saving costs on certain elements like roofing and foundation work.

The third type is the Bonus room addition over your garage. Though this one still requires work on electrical connections and plumbing it normally is the least expensive option.

Estimated Cost In Different Cities

The average cost to add a second story varies from city to city. Below is a list estimating these costs in select cities.

  • Los Angeles California: Full second story cost between $550000 to $1000000. Partial second story costs from $165000 to $300000. Garage bonus room costs ranges $150000 to $175000.
  • Denver Colorado: A full second story can cost between $350000 to $550000. Partial second story cost around $250000. Garage bonus room on average costs $82500.
  • Houston Texas: For a 2000-square-foot house a full second story can cost about $360000 to $500000. Partial second story for 500 square feet can cost between $90000 to $125000.
  • Seattle Washington: Full second story can cost between $400000 to $550000. Partial second story falls in the range of $250000 to $300000. Garage bonus room cost can be approximately $150000.
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Please note these figures are approximations. The actual cost can differ due to a host of factors like design materials contractors and the extent of changes to the HVAC systems.

Building Up Vs Building Out

When contemplating a home expansion homeowners must decide whether to build up by adding a second story or to build out by extending the house’s footprint. Adding a second-story typically involves replacing the roof and creating new rooms above the existing ones.

Choosing to build out on the other hand often includes extending the garage or creating new living spaces on the ground level. A related option is to convert a carport into living space.

  • Build Up: A good choice if your lot size is small or you want to maintain outdoor space. However it often involves more complications such as reinforcement of foundation and possible staircase addition.
  • Build Out: Can be less complicated from a construction standpoint but reduces outdoor living space. In areas where land is expensive this can decrease property value.

In general it’s cheaper to build out rather than up. However a second-story addition can help preserve yard space which is beneficial in condensed neighborhoods.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Second-Story Additions

Adding a second story to your home is a significant investment. Understanding the factors that can influence the average cost to add a second story is crucial when budgeting.

Location is a primary deciding factor in the average cost. For instance costs will be considerably higher in cities like Los Angeles California and Seattle Washington compared to cities in Texas or Colorado.

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The size and complexity of the project also affect the cost. A full second story is more expensive than a partial addition.

Various expenses can drive up the average cost including materials plumbing HVAC systems electricals and exterior construction.

Renovations that require foundational work or significant changes to existing structures also cost more. Perhaps you’ll need to reinforce the foundation or solve weight-bearing issues.

Another potential cost is if you need to hire an architect or designer adding 10-20% to the total cost. Also anticipate the additional costs of inspections and permits.

Finally the present market condition – including supply chain issues – can also influence your second-story addition cost.

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