Average Cost To Build Garage


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Are you wondering about the average cost to build a garage?

It’s a common question most homeowners ask when planning to add this incredibly useful space to their property.

There are plenty of factors that can influence the final cost such as size materials and even your geographic location!

But can you guess what might be the biggest contributor to this cost?

Average Cost To Build Garage

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Average Cost

The average cost to build a garage can vary greatly typically ranging between $16281 and $39472 with the national average cost sitting around $27867. However factors such as the garage size the installation of a foundation door roof and siding along with the cost of labor and permits can significantly impact this price.

For instance the average price for a single-car attached garage falls between $10500 to $27000. On the other hand a two-car garage building could set you back between $14500 to $40300.

The actual material costs will largely depend on the specific features you want in your garage. Common features contributing to your garage building options may include a concrete slab foundation costing between $2000 to $7000 or $4 to $25 per square foot.

The framing work could cost anywhere from $3000 to $22000 while roofing materials and labor might range between $1600 and $16000.

Additionally the installation of a gutter could cost you anywhere from $4 to $30 per linear foot. Don’t forget about siding which could cost between $0.70 to $18 per square foot with the type of material influencing the final price.

Furthermore labor and permit costs could add substantial amounts to your estimated budget. In some areas garage building permits could even cost as much as $1200 to $1500.

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Factors To Consider

Several factors can affect the average cost to build a garage. One significant factor is garage size which plays the biggest role in determining the total cost.

Garage construction prices can vary significantly based on geographic location with average costs being notably different depending on the state. For example building a garage in California will cost around $44200 on average whereas doing the same in Texas might only cost $28500.

Additional extras from windows and insulation to electrical work garage door opener installation HVAC systems and garage finishing also need to be factored into the final cost. Furthermore the type of garage you wish to build – whether attached or detached – can have a significant impact on the overall building costs.

Attached garages tend to be cheaper costing an average of $29 per square foot while detached garages can range from $40 to $70 per square foot.

Keep in mind that even though building a garage yourself can lead to considerable savings of around $8000 there are tasks that may require professional help. Hiring an experienced local garage builder for such jobs can result in long-term savings by preventing frequent repairs and additional maintenance costs.

Additional Expenses

When considering the average cost to build a garage it’s essential to consider the additional costs that come with such a project.

  • Permits: Depending on your local regulations you may need to apply for building permits which could increase your garage building costs.
  • Foundation: A typical necessary cost is the installation of a foundation for your garage typically a concrete slab foundation.
  • Electrical wiring: If you plan on getting electricity to your garage you’ll have to factor in the basic wiring and electrical boxes necessary.
  • Insulation: To regulate temperature in your garage insulation may need to be installed adding another cost.
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The garage building process also includes several other potential additional costs such as flooring options (which might involve carpeting or tile) lighting fixtures and even extending HVAC ductwork into the garage for heating and cooling.

Garage Types

Different garage types have different cost implications depending on their complexity size and construction materials.

  • Attached garages are more affordable with average costs of about $29 per square foot.
  • Detached garages cost more averaging between $40 and $70 per square foot.
  • Prefab Pole Barn or a prefabricated metal garage kit can be cost-effective options.
  • Brick and Brick-Veneered garages are more expensive but offer a more aesthetically pleasing facade while Cinderblock and Metal garages provide a robust and durable structure.

Choosing your garage type would also depend on the intended use for example a garage with an apartment above might require permits accessibility requirements and more complexity in wiring and utilities while an RV garage may require a higher ceiling and larger size therefore costing more to build.

Knowing the intended use of your garage and understanding the benefits and cost-affecting factors of each type will help you make a cost-effective and functional decision for your home improvement project.

Diy Vs Professional

The average cost to build a garage varies substantially depending on if one chooses DIY garage construction or hiring an experienced local contractor. Self-building can cut costs dramatically with homeowners potentially saving around $8000.

DIY work might be appealing to those confident in bricklaying and installing utilities like electrical wiring as DIY cost for such endeavors can be substantially less.

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However a DIY approach can present challenges when building a garage. Major construction projects like these involve significant complexity and often require detailed knowledge of building codes the ability to apply for a building permit and a high level of technical skill.

Tasks like framing work installing basic wiring and garage insulation demand a lot. Plus they may need drafting a custom design for the garage understanding cost-affecting factors like Garage electrical wiring and adherence to local permits regulations; these could be overwhelming for many homeowners.

On the other hand hiring a professional garage builder such as a contractor results in a higher cost for labor. However these professionals usually bring the benefit of convenience speed and high-quality work.

Given their previous experience professionals understand the ongoing maintenance average cost per square foot and can provide accurate estimates that can save homeowners from unexpected costs in the long run.

Ultimately choosing between a DIY garage and hiring professionals is a matter of balancing the benefits of lower cost with the potentially higher home value that comes from professionally done work. Both options should be carefully weighed against the homeowner’s budget skill level and time availability.

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