Many contractors specialize in custom homes built on your lot. There is a great deal more freedom in architectural choices when building on your own lot, especially if that lot is not part of a subdivision, or in the city. Building a custom home, with few if any restrictions, is one of the most thrilling opportunities for home builders, contractors and their clients. Let’s look at some of the advantages.

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Advantages

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Advantage One: The Right to Build According to Your Tastes
Though location is somewhat a matter of taste, those who own rural lots are very fortunate. There are usually fewer restrictions, rules and regulations on rural lots than anywhere else. You will not be told exactly where on your lot your home should be placed, how large it should be, or the style of building to use. This is a much easier location to try alternative building materials.

While your loan company and the building permit office still have a right to nix or force changes to your plans, no one else has that right in most cases. Considering the stiff rules and restrictions in most subdivisions and cities, there is practically no limit on what can be created on a rural lot. For those who wish to build a truly unique custom home, perhaps of green or unusual materials, a rural lot is the best and perhaps only acceptable location. No matter what the budget, you have a better chance to build the home you want in a rural location.

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Advantage Two: Well and Septic
You will need to drill a well, and have a septic tank put in. Some consider this a disadvantage, because of the initial cost, but there are great benefits to having your own well. You will never pay a water bill. Your water will be pure, and free of chemicals that are in city water. In order to put in a septic tank, you must make sure the land will perk. That means the land will absorb well enough to use a septic tank.

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Advantage Three: You Can Build Small and Add on Later
One of the greatest benefits of a rural lot, is the right to build a small home and add on later. Many subdivisions restrict the size of homes, and generally do not allow additions. Even exterior re-modeling may be a problem in a subdivision. City lots are usually so small that there is no room to add on. Rural lots tend to be much larger, and they are free of most restrictions. You may build a small starter home, with the intentions of adding a few extra bedrooms later. The best idea is to make a large down payment, borrow very little on the small house, pay it off quickly so that you save on interest, and then start building again. One can save at least $100,000 in interest by doing this.

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Advantage Four: Live on the Property While Your Home is Finished
Many people who own rural lots live in old mobile homes on their land, until the new home is built. This saves on rent, and also makes it easy to visit the building site. Living on the property also gives you the opportunity to help out on the jobsite more. Many rural people hire a builder and subcontractors to dig the foundation, get the home under roof, and install plumbing and wiring. Then they finish the job themselves, hanging their own dry-wall, installing floor coverings, and other jobs they feel comfortable doing.

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Advantage Five: The Right to Build Large Outbuildings
Rural locations lend well to a variety of applications, including building a home based business next to the house, or building a three car garage on the property. Some people, in rural locations, keep horses or farm animals and build barns on their property. Others like to be able to have more than one or two cars in the drive-way without hearing it from the neighbors. Rural locations are perfect for those who own small businesses that require company trucks and large equipment as well.

Building on a rural lot gives you freedom to create what you want and need, without having to worry about what anyone else thinks. It avoids zoning laws in most cases, and will provide a distance between neighbors as well. It is perfect for green construction and allows space for solar energy panels. There is a lot of freedom in having custom homes built on your lot, in a rural location.

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