Best Red States To Move To From California


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If you’re pondering over the best red states to move to from California this read may provide some unexpected insights.

Leaving California can seem like a big leap yet it is a reality for a growing number of people each year.

The ‘Golden State’ offers a unique lifestyle but what if there was more to offer somewhere else?

There is a great unexplored world of opportunities waiting in the red states.

With distinct cultures political values and landscapes each red state boasts a unique experience.

But are you ready to discover what’s pulling so many Californians to make this move?

Best Red States To Move To From California

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Best Red States

If you’re considering a move from California and you lean red politically you should explore states like Alabama Florida and Texas. These states according to the 2020 election proved to be strongholds of conservative values with Republican governors whose policies reflect limited government personal responsibility and independence.

Top Conservative States:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Mississippi
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina

States with Republican Governing Bodies:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Montana

Conservative Move

Relocating to a state that shares your values can greatly enhance your quality of life. If you’re contemplating such a residential move cities like Provo (UT) Tulsa (OK) and Boise (ID) are worth considering.

They’ve shown to be communities supporting the constitution and free markets embodying both economic prosperity and conservative ideology.

Top Conservative Cities:

City State Republican Vote Share 2020
Provo Utah 41%
Knoxville Tennessee 64%
Tulsa Oklahoma 63%

Mortgage Rate Quote

If you’re considering moving from California to a red state it’s important to look at the housing market. One key aspect to consider is the mortgage rate quote.

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In many red states affordable housing and affordable interest rates present unbeatable opportunities for buying a house. States like Texas Florida and Utah offer competitive and affordable mortgage rates which make the states stand out as the best red states to move to.

Jonathan Lansner

Jonathan Lansner a top business columnist shares helpful tips about buying and selling real estate in the most coveted red states. He provides insights on how the pandemic has affected buying decisions and housing prices across the states.

Jonathan mentioned that the single fastest-growing economy in the United States is in Boise Idaho which is attracting a lot of inward migration due to its buoyant economy affordable housing and excellent public services. Furthermore the 2022 quality-of-life scorecard created by Jonathan Lansner ranks states based on varying factors such as cost of living education healthcare and safety enabling Californians to make informed decisions about their new home state.

  • Alabama: Known for its low cost of living and affordable interest rates.
  • Florida: Popular for its scenic beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Florida offers affordable housing and low taxes.
  • Idaho: It boasts rapid economic growth and affordable housing market.

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California has been a home for many. Yet the 2020 election and subsequent COVID-19 restrictions have left some Californians searching for greener pasture elsewhere.

These residents conservative or otherwise have sought the comfort of some of the best red states on the map.

High on this list of best red states is Tennessee Alabama and Missouri. These conservative states prioritize personal responsibility low taxes and limited government.

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They offer an excellent launching ground for self-employed and remote workers seeking to start a company or invest.

A significant attraction to these conservative states is the affordable housing and business-friendly policies. In Tennessee for instance it’s a bustling city scene boasting the fourth-largest economy alongside popular spots like Knoxville known as the ‘Horse Show Capital of the World’.

Florida and Texas are also high-ranking red states. Sarasota in Florida is a retirement destination favorite with its beautiful beaches and favorable demographic.

Texas is famed for its old-fashioned cowboy culture low taxes and large metro areas.

Then there’s Oklahoma. Both Tulsa and Oklahoma City stand out with affordable interest rates for home loans.

Their economies have seen fast growth in recent years thanks largely to their open business-friendly policies. Extraordinary comes to mind when calling Oklahoma home.

Last but not least there are the Western red states. Utah with its beautiful scenery and large Mormon population offers residents affordability and conservatism.

Boise Idaho dubbed ‘the Textile Capital of the World’ is also a pretty good bet. Its burgeoning carpet manufacturing industry and lower living costs make it a suitable place for those wanting to relocate.

For those considering an out-of-state move $10000 from programs like the TULSA REMOTE is an attractive prospect. With the appeal of more conservative state legislatures and a reinventing political spectrum moving to these red states allows for a change in scenery and for some a return to heroic values and biblically based morality.

Deciding on this kind of move is a big decision. Yet as the 2022 quality-of-life scorecard suggests taking the leap for more affordable interest rates and a better life could just be the best decision you’ve made compared to the increasing costs and tensions experienced in California.

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