The most important building a dream home tips are the ones that insure that it is your dream. While you can listen to advice from friends and relatives, the home you design should be an expression of your family. The most satisfying part of building a dream home is the privilege of design. Don’t let anyone take that from you.

Eight Building a Dream Home Tips

Building a Dream Home Tip One: While it is sometimes cheaper to buy a home based on a general plan that your home builder or contractor routinely builds, if there are no options that fit your dream, then move on to another builder, who can build what you want. There are many contractors to choose from, so do not feel obligated to take something vastly different than what you want.

Building a Dream Home Tip Two: It is a good idea to go to your home builder with your design already firmly in your mind, and drawn out on paper. You should be able to present to your home builder or contractor enough drawings, cut out illustrations and floor plans to express to him exactly what you want.

Building a Dream Home Tip Three: It is your responsibility as the dream home builder, to understand construction well enough to know what is possible. Some people do go to home builders and contractors with illogical and impossible designs. Make sure your home design is doable, by reading more of the articles on this site, and downloading our free 98 page booklet.

Building a Dream Home Tip Four: A practical design is one that is 16, 20, 24, 28 or 32 feet wide across the bottom of any gable. The fewer gables used in building a home, the lower the cost. In general, square homes with a gable on each end are the cheapest to build. Cross shaped homes, T shaped homes and L shaped homes are more expensive to build.

Building a Dream Home Tip Five: Energy efficiency is very important in building a home. Energy costs are rising, so build in some long term savings with alternate materials, or extra thick walls. Consider insulated concrete panels, or other green energy technology.

Building a Dream Home Tip Six: Spend some time on home building supply and improvement store sites, or with their catalogs. Become familiar with the products available. Know your local hardware store like the back of your hand. Research your building materials completely in order to know exactly what you want.

Building a Dream Home Tip Seven: Visit a few home construction sites before you build, and see how things are done. Examine the craftsmanship you see in the area, and develop an eye for good construction long before you build your own home.

Building a Dream Home Tip Eight: Monitor your own home as it is being built, and talk to your builder or contractor on a regular basis. It’s a thin line between being involved in the process and being a pest, but make sure you don’t seem disinterested. It is important to keep an eye on things to make sure they are being done according to the specifications agreed upon.

Building a custom dream home should be one of the most exciting activities in your life. It is important to fully experience the joy of designing your own home, and have it built to your own well educated specifications. You will probably spend more on your home than on any other single purchase in your lifetime, so be sure you get exactly what you are paying for. Building a dream home tips can help you get the home you really want.

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