Use this building a home checklist to make sure you are aware of all the options. There are many things first time home builders need to study in order to insure they have considered all the possibilities. It is absolutely vital that you read up on a variety of related topics so that you get the home you want, without paying too much.

Building a Home Checklist for Research

Building a Home Checklist: Home Plans
When considering home plans it is important to look at the utility of each plan. How would furniture be arranged? Would everything fit? When considering potential home plans it is a good idea to use software to arrange furniture into the home. Some programs can run simulations to see how well traffic patterns work. Home design software is inexpensive and a great aid in designing a home. Even if you are considering buying ready made plans, use software to insure that you can furnish the rooms without crowding them. Research the following to insure that your plans will work.

• Kitchen layout principles
• Standard sizes for cabinets and appliances
• Standard sizes of dining tables, and how much space should be behind chairs
• Standard sizes of beds
• Standard sizes of sofas
• Standard widths and lengths for homes, based on materials
• Architectural styles
• Standard window and door sizes
• Closet space and arrangement

Choosing a Plan
• Find floor plans, elevations and architectural drawings on line.
• Research homes in your area to see why they differ in roof pitch, and foundation.
• Find out about local building codes to learn which house plan would work in your area.
• Architectural styles and climate; Learn why homes are built the way they are in your area.
• Find out how the rules of your subdivision might interfere with the home plan you choose.

Building a Home Checklist: Your Lot

Many of the aspects of your new home will be determined by the climate, and the features of your lot. It is important to understand how climate, water table and soil composition impact construction in your area. It is also important to consider whether your lot is level or on a steep grade. Mountain lots with grade angles of over 30 degrees have special problems, and unique measures need to be made to prevent erosion or even home collapse.

• How do types of soil impact building methods?
• How steep is the grade of your lot, and how might that impact building?
• Is city water and sewer available, or will you need a well and septic?
• What is the water table in your area?
• What is the depth of the frost line in your area?
• How successful are basements in your area? Do your neighbor’s basements flood?

Building a Home Checklist: Construction Methods

Research the following building techniques. Continue to research all the possibilities and variations of methods that interest you.

• Types of foundations; slab, crawl space, and foundation
• Conventional framing
• Building with structural insulated panels
• Building with insulated concrete forms
• Building with Ferro cement
• Building with brick
• Building with organic or natural green materials
• Building with stone
• Modular home construction
• Log home kits
• Log panel homes

Building a Home Checklist: Building Materials

• Types of plywood
• Closed cell insulation
• Polystyrene vs. polyurethane
• Lumber, studs, joists, rafters and trusses
• Different types and brands of structural insulated panels
• Different types and brands of insulated concrete panels
• Radiant barrier insulation
• Logs
• Stone
• Brick
• Types of wood siding
• Energy efficient windows and doors
• R-value of all materials you are considering

This building a home checklist is not exhaustive and there are many other things to know, but this list should get you started researching. Take every opportunity to research ideas you find interesting, which are not on this list. By reading this site, researching this building a home checklist, and downloading our 98 page free guide at the top rignt, you should encounter much of what you need to know about home building.

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