Building a home instead of buying may seem a bit strange in a market flooded with home foreclosures and many homes for sale. It is certainly a buyers market, both for buying a house, and for building one. Home builders are eager to build right now, in order to keep their crews going, and so there are bargains of both fronts. It is actually a great time to build a home, or buy one. The interest rates are cheap, prices are down and both sellers and builders are eager to do business.

Building a Home Instead of Buying Advantages

• Enjoy the excitement of building your own home.
• The experience of building a home has educational value for you.
• You can plan, and get exactly what you want.
• You will be able to control the quality and durability of the construction, by building your own home.
• Today’s homes are much more energy efficient than older homes.
• Choose a size and design that meet the needs of your family perfectly.
• Energy efficient technology is developing fast. You will be able to insure energy efficiency with the latest insulation products.
• The home will be built to your specifications, and your tastes.
• The opportunity to build and own a truly green home.
• Building a home creates jobs, and it helps the economy.
• Building helps small business and your community, especially if you use a small, local builder.

Building a Home Instead of Buying: Look at Houses

In this market building a new home or buying is a tough decision for most people. No matter which you intend to do, I urge you to spend time looking at homes for sale. Go to open houses, and contact a Realtor in order to view a few. Looking at homes that are already built will help you determine which home builders are best. It is also a good time to ask Realtors about home builders in your area. Inspect these homes carefully from attic to crawlspace to see the weight of the wood used, and the craftsmanship. Make a list of the builders you like. It is a great time to take advantage of a flooded housing market to look at cross section of homes as you plan to build your own.

Building a Home Instead of Buying: Disadvantages of Older Homes

• Older homes are not as energy efficient. The insulation, if present is not as good as modern closed cell insulation.
• They are not built with Green Principles, and many are drafty, with inefficient windows and doors.
• Older homes are often larger than you need, which makes them harder to heat and cool.
• Unless they are over 50-years-old they may not be built as strongly as recent homes. Most homes built between 1950 and 2000 were built with 2 by 4 inch studs. Most homes now are built with 2 by 6 studs.
• Homes built before 1950 may not be insulated at all or properly insulated.
• The home was built to someone else’s tastes not yours.
• Older homes can be harder to clean.

Building your own home is a great experience, and the rewards are obvious. Enjoy building your own energy efficient structure, made to order. Design every single aspect to suit your needs. There is a lot of satisfaction in building a home instead of buying.

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