Building a small energy efficient house, can provide energy savings for years to come. Fewer cubic feet of space means lower cost when heating and cooling, but less space coupled with energy efficiency and perhaps a few solar panels could leave you with little or no power bill at all. In addition to saving energy, a smaller home has many advantages.

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Advantages of Building a Small Energy Efficient House

• Cheaper to build without sacrificing quality
• Easier to clean
• Less expensive to heat and cool
• Cozy atmosphere
• Family togetherness

Now let’s go over a few tips…

Building a Small Energy Efficient House Tips

Building a Small Energy Efficient House Tip One: House Plans and Planning
Building a small home is a bit like writing a short speech. Planning becomes much more important. Economy, whether of words, space or energy consumption is dependent on careful planning and an eye for simplification. Using space wisely, can include concepts like multi-purpose, clutter control and avoidance of redundancy. Do you really need both a kitchen table, and a dining room? Could the home office or family room double as a seldom used guest room, rather than have a guest room that is only used twice a year?

Building a Small Energy Efficient House Tip Two: Storage, Storage, Storage!
The secret to keeping a small house clean and uncluttered is ample storage. While you might be tempted to omit a closet to make a room more spacious this may not be the most practical idea. One better idea is to include built in wall unit style wardrobes, bookshelves and cupboard style storage. Built in wall units installed floor to ceiling save space and create a very neat environment. Including a fold down desk component within a wall unit saves even more space.

Building a Small Energy Efficient House Tip Three: Lean Green and Energy Efficient
New building materials such as insulated concrete panels are stronger, more energy efficient, less expensive and install more quickly than standard construction using pine 2x4s and plywood. Easy installation should save considerably on construction costs. Be sure your contractor is passing those savings on to you. Triple pane windows cost a little more, but they are worth it. Make sure though that they are installed properly and that no air gaps are left between the window frame and the wall. The benefits of double and triple pane windows can be lost entirely if they are improperly installed.

Building a Small Energy Efficient House Tip Four: Solar Savings
Installing the latest design in solar panels could easily qualify you for a program which allows homeowners to sell excess electricity back to the power company. This can not only save money, but actually pay money. Imagine a home that chips in on its own house payment! How sweet!

Building a Small Energy Efficient House Tip Five: Sometimes Less is More
With careful planning, a great house plan, space saving wall organizer units, green construction, and some solar panels, your new home can be efficient in many ways, not just energy saving, but time saving, space saving, and ready to deliver when it comes to keeping your life organized. Building a small energy efficient house can save you money, while comfortably meeting the needs of your family.

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