It is only logical to ask, when building a custom home, what are the expensive items? Some of them are fairly easy to guess, but others may surprise you. Many times an item doesn’t have to cost more, if you shop more carefully for it. More importantly though is the question of which expensive items are worth the price, and which ones could you easily do without. This is a more individual question which you will have to answer in each case.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items One: Insulation
Insulation can be quite expensive, but it will also pay for itself quickly. Be sure to get the best insulation and make sure it is top quality. Do not settle for lesser products. A thick layer of the best closed cell insulation is a wise investment.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Two: Electricity

Electrical wiring is costly not because of materials, but because of labor. Your home must be wired by a licensed electrician. It is well worth it to make sure your home uses electricity safely and efficiently.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Three: Plumbing and Fixtures

Plumbing is one of the most expensive components of a home, not only because of costly materials but also because of the skilled labor involved. While of course you want indoor plumbing, there are ways to save on expenses.

PEX pipe saves on labor. If you were trying to decide between galvanized, copper or PVC plumbing pipes, allow me to add a superior choice. PEX pipe is flexible and does not require joints. It is inexpensive and installs in minutes. It’s tougher and more durable than PVC or copper, and it’s much cleaner than galvanized. It also flexible and is not as likely to burst.

Shop around for bathroom fixtures. Try salvage, overrun, and check the home improvement store for floor display models on sale. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis can be very expensive, but if you really want one, take the time to shop rather than pay top price.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Four: Cabinets

Cabinetry can be very expensive, if you want the best, but there are less expensive alternatives. Stock cabinets from the home improvement stores are much cheaper than the custom made options. In addition other countries may offer interesting and stylish alternatives. Look at kitchens from other cultures for decorating ideas. Europeans are now using stainless steal shelving instead of having so many cabinets, and some people use old dressers outfitting with countertops for sink bases for old world charm.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Five: Counter Tops

Counter tops vary in price more than any other item in your home. Marble countertops are extremely costly, while there are some vastly cheaper alternatives at your local home improvement store.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Six: Stone and Tile

Stone and ceramic tile are both expensive because of the labor involved. Stone masons are extremely skilled workers, and frankly even the most skilled do-it-yourselfers should not try to do their own stone work. If stone is worth it to you, you will simply have to hire a stone mason. Tile on the other hand, can be done by a talented novice. Provided you read up on the technique and carefully plan your project, you should be able to lay tile by yourself.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Seven: Windows and Doors

Good windows are well worth the price in energy efficiency and beauty. However if you cannot afford expensive windows, there are cheaper alternatives out there. Likewise doors can be costly, especially if they are beautiful and unique. One option for beautiful windows and doors on a budget is salvage. Many times, small salvage operations offer beautiful doors and windows for much less.

Top Eight Building a Custom Home Expensive Items Eight: Floor Coverings

While tile, hardwood and stone flooring may be worth it, it makes no sense to overpay for carpet or vinyl floor covering. These items will eventually need to be replaced anyway so if you want to save on initial costs, this is a great place to cut corners on something that is essentially temporary. If there is a huge difference in price, buy the cheaper carpets. Small rooms can often be carpeted with remnants, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

By being aware of costly items and their cheaper alternatives you can save on things that are not important to you, and splurge on the things that are. It is important to know, when building a custom home, what are the expensive items.

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