Many builders advertise built on your lot homes, while others control huge subdivision filled only with their homes. Which you choose has a lot to do with personal tastes, but there are advantages to having control of your own lot and your own construction.

Built on Your Lot Homes: Who Controls Construction

The major difference between building a home on your own lot is that the lot and the construction site are your property from the very beginning. This is not true of building a home on their lot. In this case it is all their property, till they sell it to you on completion. Even though you are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for this home, you are not in control of the construction in any significant way. Some people don’t think anything about this fact, but for others it makes a huge difference.

Built on Your Lot Homes: Consider the Alternative of Exclusive Subdivisions

The contractors who have a monopoly on a subdivision are definitely at an advantage, at least with people who have decided they wish to live in that subdivision. These subdivisions, if successful, can hold a huge attraction, building prestige over time, and becoming more and more popular as time goes on. The longer a builder can hold onto exclusive rights to build in the neighborhood, the more his risk and the more his potential profit. It might surprise you, to think about the fact that if you buy from this builder you share in his risks and profits.

Built on Your Lot Homes: New Exclusive Communities can be a Gamble

Getting in on the ground floor of a subdivision is definitely a gamble. Will your neighbors all choose the cheapest options, or will some build up the neighborhood with more expensive homes? Though it’s hard to see what difference it makes at first, it will eventually impact your property value one way or the other. Will the developer follow through with his promises? Will the lake and park really be built? Will that proposed club house be all that was promised? In the beginning of a subdivision, it is hard to say. It really depends on how successful the home building developers are at selling the homes.

Built on Your Lot Homes: Who Wouldn’t Want to Live in a Prestigious Subdivision?

Some people just aren’t cut out for subdivision life. If you aren’t into the community derived prestige scene, or don’t want to have close neighbors at all, perhaps a home built on a rural lot, or tract of acreage suits your needs best. Even if you buy a lot in a subdivision which isn’t monopolized by one builder, it might be preferable to giving up so much control to a builder, just to get the latest in impressive addresses. Some people just don’t march to the same beat as everyone else, and those people do not always enjoy subdivisions, no matter how prestigious they are.

Built on Your Lot Homes: Advantages to Building on your Own Lot

Building a home on your lot can be very exciting, and fun. Hiring the local contractor or home builder of your choice, who shares your tastes, interests and values, may be preferable to being limited on that choice. Being able to choose the style, quality and overall appearance of your home may also be important to you. The freedom to buy as much land for your lot as you prefer is also a great freedom.

• More Control of the Construction – When building on your own lot, you own the lot and everything that sits on it, from the very beginning. As long as you comply with any zoning ordinances and applicable building codes, you can build any sort of home you prefer.
• Choose any Style and any House Plan – Many subdivision builders make you chose from a limited number of styles and plans. When you build on your own lot you can choose from hundreds of thousands of available plans or have a custom home builder design a home to your specifications with the help of an architect.
• Built on your Lot Homes are Unique – Some people love blending in with the neighborhood, but others prefer to stand out from the crowd. Standing out from the crowd is best done on your own rural lot, where your home can reflect the beauty of the landscape, without the distraction by nearby homes.
• Choose the Size and Location of the Lot you Purchase – The land you choose to build a home on, is completely up to you. Choose from acreage, a city lot, or a lot in an open subdivision.
• Choose Your Builder – Many people buy homes in exclusive subdivisions, in spite of the builders more than because of them. It’s great to have the opportunity to select from scores of local builders, and choose the one who suits your needs and tastes best.
• Choose any Colors and any Materials –There’s no need to worry about blending with your neighbors, or making your home fit the dreams of the subdivision builder. It’s your dream home, not their dream community.
• Artistic Freedom – Use your freedom of choice to create the home you want, in whatever style you like. Have a custom home designed just for your lot, or choose from a vast array of floor plans which can be adapted to suit your needs.

Built on Your Lot Homes: The Upside of Exclusive Communities

Communities built by an exclusive builder, do have a lot to offer, including social interaction, community amenities, prestige and lovely facilities. Some have pools, golf courses, club houses, and even gates with guards. If you like these things and can afford them an exclusive gated community might be for you, even though you may give up some of the creative freedom in choosing the style of your home.

There are also less exclusive communities which are all built by the same builder. They too have their own appeal, and many people prefer these sorts of arrangements. If you like the other homes in the community or perhaps have friends and family in the same subdivision, you might feel a strong desire to build there also. There is nothing wrong with subdivisions controlled by one builder, if that is what you want. It really is a matter of personal tastes.

There are pros and cons to both options. It pays to consider all the possibilities before deciding where to build your home, and what sort of builder you want to build it. Built on your lot homes are the best solution for many people, but for others a certain subdivision may be their dream.

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