Having a home built on your lot has many advantages, especially if you have a great lot. Every one is different though, in what they want in a home location. Sometimes people want to get into a certain development that is controlled by a single builder. This desire however can place them at a disadvantage. Being limited to only one builder choice is a huge disadvantage. It is far better to have your own lot so that you are free to select any builder in your area. Let’s look at some of the considerations you’ll have to consider when having a home built on your lot.

Built on Your Lot Considerations

Built on Your Lot Considerations: Ordinances and Restrictions on Your Lot
• It is very important to know of any restrictions involving your lot. Is your lot zoned? If so, find out all the zoning ordinances that apply, not only to your land, but also neighboring areas. Many homes owners find business and industry encroaching near their lots. Consider this possibility before building on your lot.

• Another issue similar to city and county zoning ordinances are subdivision rules. Most subdivisions have a long list of rules and regulations, that dictate the maximum and minimum size of homes, the distance they must be from the edge of the property, and from the road, and a variety of other limits to what can be done with your property.

• Ordinances and restrictions can work to your advantage or disadvantage. They do protect property values, since they also restrict your neighbors, but at the same time they limit your freedoms. It is a good idea to be aware of all of this before you buy the lot, but you absolutely must be aware of these rules before you begin planning construction.

• Rural lots have few ordinances and often include many acres of land. These sorts of lots are highly desirable, and offer both the freedom to build what you want, and the protection of owing a large property is that no one can build too close to your home if you own the surrounding land.

• It is important to know your options by considering lot restrictions. Sometimes you can apply for a waver or change your zoning if it is causes a problem with planned construction. If you wish to challenge an ordinance you can hire a real estate attorney to help you.

Built on Your Lot Considerations: Possibilities

Once you have established the limitations on having a home built on your lot, consider the remaining possibilities. Having a home built on your lot, you may choose any builder you prefer. You will have freedom to choose an architectural style, and the décor and look you want your home to have. You can even build a custom or luxury home if you desire.

Built on Your Lot Considerations: Your Home Builder or Contractor

There is tremendous freedom to choose a contractor or home builder when you have a home built on your lot. Take a poll of local Realtors, subcontractors and loan officers and other professionals in related fields to see which home builders and contractors they recommend. Visit open houses, and become familiar with the work of different builders. Find three to six builders who meet your needs, and start taking bids.

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