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When contemplating the idea of building your dream home the bungalow cost to build is a crucial point to consider.

While the bungalow style home has plenty of benefits understanding the expenses involved in constructing one is essential to budget accordingly.

Many factors can affect the total spending like location materials used and the overall design and complexity of the house plan.

But how can you ensure you’re getting the best deal without compromising the quality and design of your future home?

Bungalow Cost To Build

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Bungalow Cost Overview

The national average cost to build a bungalow ranges from $125500 to $345000. However costs can differ drastically depending on the size type and quality of finishes in the bungalow.

At the high end a 3000 sq.ft. Ultimate bungalow with custom details could reach as much as $660000.

On the other hand a smaller 900 sq.ft. Ranch-style bungalow built with modular technology is around $90000 at its lowest end.

Types Of Bungalow Construction

There are two main types of construction methods used when building a bungalow: stick-built and modular. Stick-built homes are traditionally constructed on-site and can range from $120 to $220 per sq.

ft. largely depending on location labor costs and materials used. On the other hand modular construction costs between $80 and $100 per sq.

ft. Here the bungalow is built in a factory-controlled environment and delivered to its location reducing the chance for weather delays and providing a more precise build.

Apart from these bungalows come in several distinctive styles inspired by different historical and cultural trends. Popular types include Craftsman Ranch and Prairie.

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For instance a Craftsman-style bungalow with a partial second story and an average square footage size of 1500 sq.ft. costs around $187500.

Build A Bungalow By Size

When figuring out the bungalow cost to build the size is an integral factor. According to industry experts smaller bungalows are generally less expensive to build than larger ones.

For instance a 1000 sq.ft. bungalow can potentially cost between $80000 to $100000 while a more substantial 3000 sq.ft.

bungalow can lead to a cost range of $240000 to $300000.

Bungalow construction can be either modular or stick-built. Modular building influenced by modular technology can cost $100-$140 per sq.

ft while stick-built bungalows crafted using stick-building practices range between $140-$250 per sq.ft.

Bungalow Construction By Number Of Bedrooms

Another factor influencing the construction cost is the number of bedrooms. A 2-bedroom bungalow’s cost could fall between $80000 to $120000.

More rooms significantly increase the price; a 6-bedroom bungalow could range from $216000 to $300000.

The number of stories also alters the budget. For example a single-story home’s estimated construction cost is approximately $90 to $100 per sq.ft.

A 1½-story bungalow—typical in the Arts and Crafts movement—can range from $80 to $100 per sq.ft.

  • Bungalow size impacts cost

  • Smaller bungalows are less costly

  • Stick-built bungalows are more expensive

  • Number of bedrooms adjust the construction cost

  • Single-story bungalows are cheaper than 1½-story homes

Bungalow Cost Comparison

Building a bungalow involves various costs influencing factors and options. It typically costs between $125500 and $345000.

However bungalow construction cost may go up to $660000 for high end 3000 sq.ft. Ultimate Bungalows with custom details.

The cost to build a bungalow can also be influenced by the use of construction methods. For instance it costs between $80 to $100 per sq.ft.

to build a bungalow using modular technology. Stick-built bungalows on the other hand cost between $120 to $220 per sq.ft.

Bungalows come in various styles such as Craftsman Ranch and others. The cost to construct these styles ranges from $96000 to $450000 for modular and $144000 to $660000 for stick built.

Costs further escalate when adding features like a shed fence driveway deck landscaping pool garage and basement to your bungalow project. Hiring professionals like painters electricians and roofers also adds to the labor cost.

City-based cost variations exist too. For example construction costs are exceptionally high in New York amounting to $1083497 while somewhat lower in Seattle at $656381.

The cost of adding a second story comes around $150000-$200000. Lastly size and number of bedrooms is another influencer with a 2-bedroom bungalow costing $80000-$120000 and a 6-bedroom option ranging from $216000 to $300000.

Despite location and individual preferences accurate cost estimates using a construction estimator are highly beneficial for controlled expenditure and precise build planning. Building a bungalow requires not only a significant amount of money but also a professional team that may include architects structural engineers and residential contractors.

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