Many people look into buying a new construction home over an existing home for various reasons. For many they want to personalize the home because they disliked the way the previous owner of their current home decorated it or they want more say in the materials that go into building a new home. Some want a floor plan tailored to their specific needs and others want to maximize the possibilities such as finishing the basement or making the gables viable spaces for rooms. Whatever the reason, three are some important issues you need to consider before buying a new construction home. Let’s look at a few:

New Construction Home Important Issues

First and foremost, will the property perk properly if you’re building in a rural setting? This is vitally important if you’re going to live near water. If the property doesn’t perk, which means it is compatible with sewage and waste water processing, the beautifully decorated bathrooms in the new construction home will back up and health problems will ensue. This tends to occur in areas that are below sea level.

Believe it or not, which way the wind blows has an effect on building a new construction home. Wear and tear on the building materials can be effected by a constantly blowing wind, not to mention blowing down trees onto the roof during a tornado or hurricane season. This also affects the buyer’s power bill, no matter the inches of insulation packed around the house. Many buyers make the mistake of thinking how picturesque the trees are without thinking the effect they will have on the structure positive or negative. Everything erodes at some time and that includes structures.

Drainage is a big concern in buying a new construction home. If the drainage is not properly installed, flooding occurs and costs the homeowner big in pumping out water and restoring belongings after flooding. Additionally, constantly wet spots on the property due to improper drainage can cause mosquitoes and other loathsome critters to proliferate on the property, causing the buyer health problems as well as flooding problems.

Moreover, government easements for roadways and sidewalks need to be considered in buying a new construction home so the owner does not build or plant on government property. The structure itself needs to pass code and the owner would be well advised to monitor construction to effect smooth transfer of buying a new construction home.

Let’s recap…

Top Tips for Buying a New Construction Home Overview:

1. People look into buying a new construction home over an existing home for various reasons.
2. A top tips for buying a new construction home is to make sure the property perks.
3. A top tips for buying a new construction home is study wind patterns.
4. Study drainage to make sure no flooding will occur.
5. Review and consider government easements.
6. Learn more top tips for buying new construction home by downloading the free new home Steps Guide above on the right hand side and become savvy on the overall home building process.

I hope this information is helpful. Good luck in building your new home.

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