Casablanca Beaches


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When it comes to Casablanca beaches there’s much to discover.

This Moroccan city known as the pearl of the Atlantic offers stunning coastlines that attract visitors from around the world.

But Casablanca’s sandy shores aren’t just about sunbathing and picturesque views.

They hold secrets and tales that can captivate the heart of any traveler.

Ready to explore the true heart of these spectacular oceanside paradises?

What could the shores of Casablanca tell us if they could whisper their stories in our ears?

Casablanca Beaches

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Casablanca Beaches

Located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast Casablanca beaches form the country’s economic and entertainment hub. On the city’s south coast the popular beaches like Ain Diab Beach stand out with a vibrant atmosphere and a line-up of restaurants cafes and bars.

A visitors’ favorite Ain Diab is also notable for its lively nightlife bustling with both tourists and locals. Yet for those seeking smaller quieter spots Casablanca does not disappoint offering numerous beaches perfect for relaxation.

Anfa Beaches

In the lively area of Anfa several beaches attract younger crowds. At low tide natural pools form along the shore making for a unique swimming challenge and a refreshing break from sunbathing on the golden sands.

Lovers of serenity will appreciate Plage Madame Choual – recognized as the cleanest beach in Casablanca. Blessed with gorgeous sunset views it provides a peaceful getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

South Coast

The South Coast of Casablanca offers a variety of beach experiences for tourists. Ain Diab Beach known for its vibrant atmosphere and array of restaurants and cafes is a popular spot.

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Ain Diab Beach

Located closely to the well-known Anfaplace Mall and Hassan II Promenade Ain Diab beach boasts a lively atmosphere and is frequented by locals and tourists year-round.

Plage Lalla Meryem

The urban Plage Lalla Meryem is peppered with nearby cafes and bars. This beach can draw a crowd but waves can be rather rough impacting swimming conditions.

Tamaris Beach

A peaceful suburb Tamaris comes to life thanks to its lovely beaches like Jack Beach and Babaloo Beach. These beaches feature unique rock formations and shimmering shallow natural pools.

North Coast

The North coast of Casablanca is home to various popular beaches including Plage de Ain Sebaa and Nahla Beach. Both beaches offer a chill atmosphere and are popular picnic spots.

Plage de Ain Sebaa

The Plage de Ain Sebaa looks out at the Atlantic coast enticing visitors with its laid-back atmosphere and scenic beauty.

Nahla Beach

Nahla Beach not only offers the ideal conditions for surfers but it’s also teeming with unique sightings like horses camels and even cats. The beach is well-equipped with facilities and security.

Plage Zenata

Plage Zenata located on the North Coast possesses unique coves that create shallow natural pools. The beach is a hit with both kids and adults.

Lalla Maryem Beach

Known for its sandy locales and bustling activities Lalla Maryem Beach is one of the best beaches in Casablanca. It is close to downtown providing easy access to residents and tourists.

Its geographical location also makes it convenient for people looking for a quick coastal escape from the busy city.

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Lalla Maryem beach is surrounded by various restaurants and hotels. It provides an ideal setting for families with a park playground and an abundance of cafes to choose from.

However swimming here can be dangerous due to the rough waves.

Corniche and Ain Diab Beach

Ain Diab Beach commonly known as The Corniche is Casablanca’s most famous beach. Located on the Atlantic coast this beach is always buzzing with life and activity.

Known for its vibrant atmosphere Ain Diab Beach boasts an array of restaurants cafes and clubs.

Featuring a long beautiful promenade lined with palm trees The Corniche is popular with joggers and walkers. It is also perfect for people watching during the warm nights with the place being filled with youngsters playing soccer and families strolling around the beach.

A hotspot for surfers Ain Diab’s powerful waves provide a thrill for water sports enthusiasts. However due to the strong currents swimming here is usually not recommended for the untrained.

Dar Bouazza Beaches

This coastal gem located south of Casablanca offers beaches that are perfect for both relaxation and fun-filled water activities.

The beach community – made popular for its superb beaches – gives an authentic Moroccan village experience. It’s more serene as opposed to the bustling and urbanized Ain Diab Beach or beaches north of the port.

For tourists the Dar Bouazza beaches offer a world away from the busy city streets presenting a tranquil environment that adores nature tourism. Birdwatchers in particular would admire the numerous species that call this area home.

The area also includes a newly built promenade for long peaceful walks by the coast. Its prominent spot Jack Beach is a well-known surf spot that offers good waves for surfers.

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Another significant coastal attraction in Dar Bouazza is the Tropicana yacht clubs. Here visitors can relish in lush park landscapes or go for a rejuvenating swim in the ocean.

The beaches of Dar Bouazza are great for lounging sunbathing and enjoying calmer waters. There are also great spots for surfing camel rides and beachside dining.

Quite uniquely you can grab your surfboard and catch the waves or enjoy some horse and camel rides along the beach. And best of all after a day of sun and fun you can lounge by the beach and enjoy a meal at one of the waterfront restaurants.

Security and cleanliness are prioritized here. There are lifeguard services and the area maintains a clean environment.

Thus visitors can feel safe as they unwind by the Atlantic coast.

Of course no trip to Morocco is complete without sampling local delicacies. The numerous activities that Dar Bouazza offers perfectly complement the many restaurants and cafes in the area.

Guests can savor authentic Moroccan food while appreciating the golden sand and calming waves.

Overall Dar Bouazza’s beaches offer a perfect balance of activities that cater to different visitor preferences whether they’re after the thrill of surfing or the restful tranquility of a beach side picnic.

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