Cheapest Insulation for Shed

A shed can be a great place to store stuff that won’t fit in your home. But if you want to store any valuables in the shed, you should insulate it.

When choosing insulation, you have a lot to consider, though. If cost is a factor, you should learn about the cheapest options.

What’s the Cheapest Insulation for a Shed?

The cheapest insulation options for a shed include bubble wrap and expanded polystyrene. You can also use an insulation roll or a rigid insulation board. Either way, be sure to focus on the walls and roof since those lose heat first.

Spray foam insulation can be good, but it’s often more expensive. And while cardboard is cheap, it can get wet so isn’t the best for long-term use.

Cheapest Insulation Options for a Shed

If you’re on a tight budget, you have more options than you think to insulate a shed. Now, not all insulation options are the best.

Some are too expensive, while others aren’t the best for your environment. Be sure to consider a variety of insulation materials to determine which is right for your shed.

Here are some materials you can look into when insulating your shed for cheap.

Bubble Wrap

The air in the bubbles of bubble wrap can help slow down the loss of heat from a shed. You can stick the bubble wrap against the sides of your shed for it to start working.

Now, larger bubbles tend to work better, but small ones work. The nice thing about bubble wrap is that it’s easy to find. If you order packages often, save the bubble wrap and add it to your shed.

If you have a bit of money to spend, you can get foil-backed bubble wrap. That can be even more effective as insulation, but it’s not necessary.


If you frequently get styrofoam items, don’t throw them away. You can pack the foam together and turn it into insulation for your shed.

Now, you may not want to get styrofoam since it’s not the most eco-friendly. However, insulation is an excellent way to use the styrofoam you already use.

Whether you drink from foam cups or receive packages in styrofoam, keep the material. Then, you can add it to your shed.

Expanded Polystyrene

Another material that comes in many packages is expanded polystyrene. The material helps keep items from breaking in transit.

It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to install in your shed. You can also move it around easily if you need to add more insulation to one side.

Some types of polystyrene can be a fire hazard, though. Be sure to look for closed-cell polystyrene if you buy it to make sure your shed will be safe.

Insulation Roll

You may want to look into an insulation roll as your material of choice. Insulation rolls are popular for residential use.

They also come in different types, such as mineral wool and glass wool. You can pack the material into the walls of your shed, so you don’t need to hire a professional.

In many cases, insulation rolls also absorb sound. That makes them the perfect choice for sheds that you’ll use as a workshop. Others won’t be able to hear your tools as loudly, so you can keep from disturbing your family and neighbors.

Rigid Insulation Board

While they’re still cheap, rigid insulation boards cost more than some options. However, they’re a common choice for sheds.

Insulation boards don’t weigh a ton, so they’re easy for beginners to use. Also, the boards frequently have a high thermal rating. That means you don’t need to use a ton of them to get good insulation.

So while the material may cost more, you don’t have to buy as much of it. You can install it along the walls of your shed to keep the inside warm.

Straw Hay

If you or someone you know has a barn, you can use straw hay for insulation. You can use your extra hay or ask a friend for their overflow. That will make it a free option.

Bundle the straw as closely together as you can. Then, you can put it along the edges of your shed to provide insulation.

Unfortunately, you will need to replace the hay whenever it breaks down. You also shouldn’t use it if you’ll keep flammable items in your shed since the straw can catch on fire.

Fiberglass Batts

Another option for insulating a shed is fiberglass batts. As the name suggests, it uses fiberglass, but it could use mineral wool or another material.

This material is easy because it comes pre-cut. That means you can measure the space between the frame of your shed to select the right size.

Once you get the fiberglass batting, you can install it like any other material. It’s an especially good choice if you’re also redoing the insulation on your house. Fiberglass is pretty affordable, and you can always cut it if you can’t find the size you need.

Old Textiles

You can also recycle old clothing and other textile items as insulation. Instead of tossing out old clothes or rugs, bundle them up and put them in your shed.

This can be particularly useful for clothes that you can’t wear. Sure, you may want to sell clothing that’s in good shape but no longer fits you.

However, consider if you have items that you’d just throw away. Be sure to wash the items to prevent pests. And if you have rugs, you can place them on the floor to offer even more insulation.

How to Save Money on Insulation

You can choose from a lot of materials to insulate your shed for cheap. But if your budget is $0 or close to it, you have even fewer choices.

Insulating a shed for no money is possible, but you have to get creative. It also might require you to spend time on the project, but you can keep your bank account happy.

Luckily, you can do the following to save money on the insulation you need.

Start With What You Own

Since you can recycle some materials as insulation, go through your home. Look for old clothing and rugs that you don’t use anymore.

Go through any extra insulation you have from when you did your attic or basement. And look at the bubble wrap you have on hand, such as for gifts.

Gather those materials and install them as insulation. You might just have what you need without having to spend anything.

Ask for Donations

First, ask your friends and family if they have any insulation materials to donate. If you know someone who just redid their insulation, ask if they have leftovers.

You can also ask for recyclable items, such as clothing and straw hay. Not only will this help you, but you can help your loved ones get rid of stuff that’s piling up in their homes.

Donations are free, so you just need to transport the items to your shed. Then, you can do the work to prepare whatever materials they are to work as insulation.

Look for Sales

If you need to buy insulation materials, shop around and look for sales. Check the paper for coupons, and consider if you have a rewards card with a hardware store.

Then, you can make sure to get the best deals on the supplies you need. Sure, you might not be able to get insulation right away.

However, if you’re not in a rush, waiting for a sale is great. Once the sale comes around, you can buy what you need and install it.

Buy in Bulk

If you also need to insulate part of your house, look for bulk materials. They may cost more overall, but you could save money per pack or pound of insulation.

Of course, you can easily buy too much if you buy in bulk. This method is only good if you want to buy a lot of insulation.

Alternatively, you can ask others you know if they need to insulate their sheds. Then, you can buy a bulk package and split the cost so that you both save money.

Insulate as You Go

Another option to save money is to use the insulation you have for now. You can always add more insulation as you get the money to buy it or when people gift you their materials.

It can add more time to the project if you add a bit of insulation here and there. However, you won’t have to rush to purchase all of the insulation you need.

Plus, you might learn that you don’t need that much insulation to get the results you want. So you could stop earlier in the process than you planned.

How Can You Insulate a Shed for Cheap?

To insulate a shed for cheap, start with what you have. Old clothes and other textiles are great, and so are packing materials, like bubble wrap. If you have some money, you can buy insulation rolls or fiberglass batts to insulate your shed more efficiently.