In constructing a checklist for building a house, we have combined the entire process into a list which may help you in planning and building your home. Building a home is a multifaceted process which involves creativity, planning, delegation and execution of work. Each step in building your dream home is listed separately, but many of the items will overlap in time frame.

Checklist for Building a House: Research

o Research construction methods
o Research construction materials
o Research new, green and energy efficient materials
o Research building contractors in your area
o Research architectural styles
o Research historical architecture for ideas

Checklist for Building a House: Planning and the Creative Process

o Catalog pictures of homes, and house plans that you like
o Include the family in searching for pictures that express what they want in a home
o Discuss the overall goals for the home with family to find out what your children and spouse want most
o Brainstorming for ideas with family members
o Record all the ideas in your dream house journal
o Combine and narrow the ideas incorporating as many of your family’s desires as possible.
o Look for house plans available on line that fit your needs.

Checklist for Building a House: Budgeting

o Clean up your credit score
o Pay off your debts
o Save your money
o Pre-qualify to find out how much you can afford
o Estimate the cost of your dream house, and adjust your plans according to budget

Checklist for Building a House: Find a Builder

o Compile a list of builders near your home
o Ask local real estate agents, loan officers, building inspectors and subcontractors for references
o Look on line for complaints against each builder
o Find three to six builders of good reputation, who have built homes similar to the one you want.
o Interview three to six builders and ask for estimates and sample contracts
o Have your attorney look over the sample contracts and also to look over the final contract before you sign
o Decide on the builder who best meets your needs

Checklist for Building a House: Financing

o Prequalifying
o Researching available loans
o Applying for a construction loan
o Applying for a mortgage loan
o Scheduling a single loan closing for both mortgages
o Setting up the escrow account
o Making interest only payments

Checklist for Building a House: Building a House

o Lot preparation and grading
o Pouring the footings
o Laying the foundation
o Rough plumbing
o Rough electrical
o Floor joists
o Subfloor
o Framing or SIP assembly
o Sheathing
o Roofing
o Exterior siding and finish
o Porch and deck construction
o Insulation for walls
o Attic insulation
o Drywall
o Finished electrical and installation of fixtures
o Finished plumbing and installation of fixtures
o Painting and wallpaper
o Floor coverings
o Cabinetry
o Countertops
o Installation of appliances
o Final plumbing
o Final electrical

For more information on each step, be sure to download our 98 page free book, and read the rest of our informative articles on each topic. This checklist for building a house touches on most of the topics for home building, but it is essential to understand every step thoroughly in order to get the house you’ve always dreamed of.