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What happens when two vibrant American cities Chicago vs Philadelphia find themselves in a head-to-head comparison?

It’s not just about the obvious distinctions like famed deep-dish pizza and cheesesteaks or about the historical significance each one claims.

It’s an intricate blend of factors such as cost of living the pace of life cultural diversity public transit system housing and much more.

How similar or remarkably different are these cities especially for someone contemplating a move?

Let discover.

Chicago Vs Philadelphia

Table of Contents

Chicago vs Philadelphia: Population and Growth

When comparing Chicago vs Philadelphia populations Chicago has 2742119 residents while Philadelphia boasts 1596865. However a key aspect to consider is the growth rate.

For Philadelphia it has an increase of 0.7% whereas Chicago observes a declining population rate.

Breaking down the population by gender Philadelphia has a slightly higher percentage of females at 52.7% compared to Chicago’s female population of 51.5%.

Employment and Salary

The unemployment rate in Chicago is 10.3% as opposed to a lower rate of 7.1% in Philadelphi. Meanwhile the average salary in Chicago is higher $5630.94 compared to Philadelphia’s average salary of $4447.79.

Rent and Living Costs

Cost of living significantly impacts decision making in the Chicago vs Philadelphia debate. In Chicago one needs to shell out $1842.06 on average for a one-bedroom apartment whereas in Philadelphia the average cost drops to $1679.71.

Moreover Chicago comes in more expensive with a VAT rate of 10% compared to Philadelphia’s rate of 6%. Consequently the overall cost of living in Philadelphia ties back as the more affordable option when compared to Chicago.

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Population Growth

When comparing Chicago vs Philadelphia in terms of population growth the cities show a significant contrast. Over the past two decades Philadelphia has experienced a positive growth rate of 0.7% taking its population to 1596865.

In contrast Chicago has seen a steady decline in population shrinking by 7.5% since 2000. Today the population in Chicago is reported to be around 2742119 even though it’s larger in land area.

Regarding demographic makeup the female population in Philadelphia constitutes 52.7% versus Chicago’s female makeup of 51.5%. The median age in both cities is the same standing at 34.1 years old.

Racial breakdown

In Philadelphia the black population comprises a higher percentage at 41.3% while in Chicago it’s smaller at 30.1%. It’s important to note these figures when considering the comparison between Chicago vs Philadelphia.

Unemployment Rate

Chicago carries a significantly higher unemployment rate than Philadelphia. According to recent data the unemployment rate in Chicago was 10.3% which is markedly higher than Philadelphia’s rate at 7.1%.

This may also be a factor in Chicago’s decreasing population as more residents might be looking for employment opportunities in cities with lower unemployment rates like Philadelphia.

Average Salary

Salaries play a significant role in determining the standard of living in a given city. In the comparison between Chicago and Philadelphia the average salaries offer a clear distinction.

In Chicago the average salary stands at $5630.94 which is higher compared to Philadelphia’s average salary of $4447.79. Although both cities offer ample job opportunities Chicago appears to pay its residents more.

Rent Cost

The cost of rent is a major consideration for many considering moving to either Chicago or Philadelphia. Rent costs can significantly impact an individual’s budget and lifestyle.

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In Chicago the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1842.06. In contrast the same type of housing in Philadelphia costs an average of $1679.71.

This indicates that Philadelphia may be a more affordable option for renters.

  • Chicago vs. Philadelphia Rent Comparison:
  • Average Rent for 1-Bedroom in Chicago: $1842.06
  • Average Rent for 1-Bedroom in Philadelphia: $1679.71

Vat Rate

The value-added tax (VAT) significantly contributes to the cost of living in a city. In terms of VAT rates there is a notable difference between Chicago and Philadelphia.

Chicago has a considerably higher VAT rate standing at a substantial 10%. On the other hand Philadelphia has a markedly lower VAT rate of just 6%.

The difference in VAT rates can impact affordability when considering moving from cities like Atlanta Boston or New York to either Chicago or Philadelphia.

Quality Of Living

In terms of quality of living both Chicago and Philadelphia offer distinctive experiences with numerous variables influencing rankings.

The World Cities Ranking Data places Chicago at a higher spot ranking at 49 – indicating a high quality of life.

In contrast Philadelphia possesses a slightly lower positioning coming in at 54 in the world rankings for quality of life.

These figures suggest that both cities provide a comparably high standard of living with marginal variations. Whether opting for Chicago versus Philadelphia could ultimately depend on individual preferences and lifestyle needs.

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