When building a new home there are many decisions to be made regarding choosing the best new home upgrades, but fun decisions. Many new home buyers select upgrades in kitchen, bathrooms, the master bedroom, and family room. For the most part, new home upgrades on these rooms are simple to make for the home builder and provide extra quality of life for the folks building the new home.

Choosing the Best New Home Upgrades: Kitchens and Bathrooms

For kitchens, granite countertops are a very popular upgrade. They are easy to keep clean and look great to the eye leaving a warm feeling of class and style. Many buyers like to upgrade cabinetry in the kitchen as well. Often times a cabinet upgrade is the perfect compliment to granite countertops.

Staying in the kitchen, eating in the kitchen have become the way of life for many working Americans these days, therefore, islands are a must in any new home upgrades. Islands provide extra storage and are perfect companions with a walk in pantry. Nothing ties this kitchen together better than stainless steel appliances, fixtures, and hardware. Mosaic or Tavertine tile back splashes reflect great rays from the recessed lighting. For this type of kitchen, ceramic tiles are excellent for flooring because they endure traffic, spills, and are stain resistant.

Bathroom upgrades are similar to kitchen. Both does well with granite countertops and upgraded cabinets. Bathrooms are great with subway tiles for backsplashes and tavertine for flooring. A popular upgrade is duel vanity sinks and air jet bathtubs. This bathroom should be adjacent to the master bedroom. In both master bedroom and bathroom, walk in closets are essential.

Finally, the family room is the heart of the house. This is the sanctuary for entertainment, peace, and coming together as a family unit. Therefore, a fireplace is a must. A fireplace doesn’t just provide natural heat to the house, but it is also the focal point of the room. Keep the fireplace simple. Leave the option available for the buyers to make their own upgrades.

All of these are great new home upgrades. Let’s recap…

Choosing the Best New Home Upgrades Overview:

1 Upgrades in the kitchen, bathrooms, the master bedroom, and family room are the most popular.
2. The best new home upgrades in the kitchen include granite countertops, cabinetry, islands, and stainless steel appliances, fixtures, and hardware.
3. The best new home upgrades in the bathroom are granite countertops, cabinets, duel vanity sinks, and air jet bathtubs. .
4. Fireplace is a popular upgrade in the family room.
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I hope this helps you. Good luck with your home building endeavors.

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