There are several things to consider when choosing the right home building plans for your family. You will want to think of the future and how your life will progress. You will want to consider all the members of your family in the design, and include at least one idea from each family member.

Choosing the Right Home Building Plans: Collecting House Plans

Get your family involved in searching for home plans. Be sure to explain to them the size home you are considering, and other criteria and restrictions. Home plans are easy to find online, so even small children can be assisted in picking out home plans. Have your spouse and children submit URLs to all the house plans they like. Gather as many home plan choices as possible to insure that no one gets too attached to their one choice. Keep all the URLS in a file on your computer, and share the full list with your family members.

Choosing the Right Home Building Plans: Understanding which Features are Expensive

In addition to more square footage, there are other aspects that make house plans cost more and others that can make a home difficult to heat. Here are a few features that should be avoided for energy efficiency, and others that may make your home cost more.

• Avoid windows on the north side of the home.
• Windows, even energy efficient ones still have a significantly lower R-value than walls.
• Place extra windows on the south side with for passive solar.
• The window to wall ratio should be less than 25% for maximum energy efficiency.
• Bay windows are very expensive to build.
• Arched windows are more expensive as well.
• Curves, arches, towers, turrets, and all other non square features cost extra.
• Extra gables cost a more.
• Roof valleys cost more and can contribute to roof leaks.
• Placing all the plumbing close together and along a wall, can save on plumbing costs.

Choosing the Right Home Building Plans: Narrow Choices

Narrow the choices of your home plans, considering the architectural renderings and elevations as well as the plans. Avoid Plans you have to alter. With so many different plans, try to find a plan that fits your needs closely with few changes. Even small changes make a difference to the overall proportion of a home. For example, changing the window style and dimensions to a cheaper or smaller window may spoil the appearance of your home, so select a home designed for the type of windows you can afford. Changing the exterior dimensions is also not recommended, without the advice of an architect. Interior changes are not so crucial, if you can make the window placement fit and support the roof with sufficient supporting walls.

Choosing the right home building plans is a huge decision. Make sure every detail is what you want. There are so many plans on line, eventually you will find the right one for your family. For more information on choosing the right home building plans, download our 98 page book and see the other articles on this site.

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