Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost


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When you’re considering a new landscaping project one factor to keep in mind is the concrete sleeper retaining wall cost.

Retaining walls provide both aesthetic and practical benefits but it’s essential to factor in the financial implications.

With several materials available understanding the cost of one specific type such as concrete sleepers can be quite a task.

But what exactly drives up the price of a concrete sleeper retaining wall?

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost

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Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost

If you’re planning to enhance your landscape a concrete sleeper retaining wall could be an excellent choice. Durable and available in different textures and colours they bring aesthetic purposes too.

The average cost range for a concrete sleeper retaining wall is dependent on several factors including your choice of materials labour costs and the complexity of the job.

When considering materials reinforced concrete blocks often cost between $450 and $700 per square meter. Concrete Besser blocks another popular option due to their high durability and design flexibility may cost slightly higher at around $550 to $750 per square meter.

The choice between these block types or other alternatives such as precast panel walls concrete cinder blocks or modular interlocking types greatly affect the total concrete sleeper retaining wall cost. It’s also necessary to factor in the cost of materials delivery which may be influenced by the block or panel type and the size of the project.

Retaining Wall Permit

Before you kick off your project one important aspect you must remember is to get the required permits for your retaining wall. Often permits become mandatory when the retaining wall exceeds one meter in height or is in close proximity to your neighbour’s home or the property boundary.

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It’s best to check with your local council to stay on the right side of building codes. The fees for obtaining the permit can vary depending on local conditions but it’s usually a percentage of your project costs.

Also these council costs should be added to your budget planning for the total concrete sleeper retaining wall cost.

Contact information such as phone number email and head office address of the local council can usually be found online. Avoid project delays or possible penalties by ensuring you complete this step before any excavation or construction begins.

Why Choose Concrete

There are many reasons to choose concrete for constructing a retaining wall. Concrete sleeper retaining wall cost and durability are two main reasons.

Unlike walls made of timber walls made of concrete blocks or precast-concrete panels can withstand harsh weather conditions and erosion for decades.

Concrete retaining walls also add value to a home’s landscape design. The concrete finishes which imitate wood or stones appeal to many homeowners for aesthetic purposes.

Retaining Wall Cost Factors

Several elements contribute to the total concrete sleeper retaining wall cost. The primary factors are the materials used and hourly labor costs.

Additional costs include the complexity of the project engineering plans and council costs.

The cost per square foot can range from $10 to $150 depending on the materials. For reinforced concrete blocks expect the price to fall between $450 to $700 per square meter.

The cost per linear foot depends on the wall’s height oscillating between $80 to $1000.

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Material Costs

  • Reinforced concrete blocks: $450 to $700 per sq meter
  • Concrete Besser blocks: $550 to $750 per sq meter

Labor Costs

  • Range between $10 to $30 per sq ft

Installation Costs

Installation Type Cost
Poured concrete retaining wall $20 to $45 per sq ft
Large concrete retaining wall blocks $20 to $45 per sq ft

Additional expenses may arise from excavation work earth reinforcement waterproofing and installing a drainage system. Considering these factors it’s crucial to get a detailed and itemised bid before starting construction.

Hiring Retaining Wall Builders

When constructing a large project like a concrete sleeper retaining wall it’s important to hire certified installers who have 5-star reviews an ABN and are licensed builders. Make sure to get an itemised list of the labor and materials costs which may include excavation delivery trucks concrete mix blocks and materials such as Besser blocks and I beams and the cost of concrete sleeper retaining wall.

You should also confirm that the builders have the appropriate insurance cover.

Before the construction starts make sure the builders give you an understanding about us and their expertise. Confirm they know the building codes and are capable of rectifying obstacles and removing tree stump removal.

They should be capable of constructing blocks and materials that range in design block type block colors and block or panel type for aesthetic purposes.

The builders should also give you their contact us information including their head office address phone and email. Also check their opening hours to make sure they are available when you need them.

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You can always sign up to their service online.

You should always compare bids from different builders. This will help you get the best price guarantee.

It’s also good to check whether they provide some additional services like landscaping and garden setup as part of the project.

Last but not least customer support is crucial when hiring builders. Make sure they have immediate customer help and a refund policy if the final output is not as per noted in their initial quote.

Also they should provide a warranty for the walls.

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