Construction Cost Of 10 Marla House


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Building a new home is always an exciting endeavor but have you ever wondered about the construction cost of a 10 marla house?

Managing finances and setting a budget is undoubtedly a critical and challenging part of the construction process.

Understanding the key expenditures and variances in the construction cost can make the path smoother.

Can you guess what the major contributors to the construction cost are?

Construction Cost Of 10 Marla House

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Construction Cost Breakdown

The typical construction cost of a 10 Marla double-story house has escalated in 2023 due to a hefty increase in material costs. To construct a 10 Marla house you’ll have to bear the burgeoning costs of raw construction material including bricks cement sand crush and steel among others.

A typical 10 Marla house requires roughly 97000 bricks costing around Rs. 1358000 and about 1020 cement bags with an approximate cost of Rs.

1081200. Additionally the cost for Ravi Sand and Chenab Sand sums up to Rs.

294000 and Rs. 72000 respectively whereas Margala crush and Sargodha crush cost about Rs.

289800 and Rs. 273000 respectively.

The backfilling material Ghassu will cost approximately Rs. 123180.

For the steel requirement roughly 5 tons are consumed costing Rs. 1350000.

These figures also include the charges for steel choughats for door and window frames which cost approximately Rs. 200000 to 300000.

The cost of safety grills and the main gate are estimated at Rs. 150000 each.

Plumbing and sanitary work could set you back by Rs. 849000 and Rs.

1650000 respectively while the electric wiring can cost about Rs. 1086999.

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Consequently the projected sum for the grey structure for a 10 Marla house is around 5701500 PKR.

Marla House Covered Area

The typical covered area for a 10 Marla house is approximately 3300 sq ft. These residences tend to feature 5-bedrooms 2 kitchens and assorted amenities that make up a complete and comfortable home.

In addition essentials like bathrooms balconies garages lawns and other open spaces are usually included in the floor plan of these houses.

The process of constructing a 10 Marla house begins with plot demarcation followed by excavation and layout underground wiring termite proofing foundation construction grey structure building finishing and more. Each step in construction demands precise planning professional and expert team and careful cost calculation.

Also being smart enough to calculate cost prices and visiting markets from Monday to Sunday 9AM to 6PM can help the ABCD (Amateur builder Chenab Sand Delhi and Lahore) to minimize additional cost and quite efficiently build your own house.

Step-By-Step Construction Guide

Constructing a 10 Marla house on your own can save money and it allows for a custom design. However being an Amateur builder it’s important to understand the steps in construction.

Here’s a Simple guide:

  • Plot demarcation: This is the initial project step where you mark the specific area of construction on the empty lot.
  • Excavation and layout: This includes excavation for foundation and laying out the basic house structure.
  • Underground termite proofing: It protects the house from termite infestation.
  • Foundation Construction: Involves laying bricks cement and other raw construction material.

Grey Structure Cost Breakdown

The grey structure cost for a 10 Marla double-story house involves the total cost for materials like bricks cement sand crush excavation steel and plumbing.

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Here’s an outline of the costs:

Material Quantity Cost(PKR)
Bricks 97000 1358000
Cement 1020 Bags 1081200
Ravi Sand 294000 72000
Ghassu for backfilling 123180

It’s important to note that all these are approximate cost calculations and can vary based on the construction material price fluctuations.

Finishing Cost And Material

It’s important to factor in the finishing cost when estimating the construction cost of a 10 Marla house. The total finishing cost for a 10 Marla house is estimated to be 6614957 PKR.

This includes expenses for flooring tiles stair marble paint and ceiling works installing windows and railing woodwork bath accessories kitchen accessories electric equipment and more. Finishingcosts can also involve wall paneling decorative chandeliers paintings and additional appliances like AC/fans and chimney.

Interior walls can be finished with drywall or wooden panels for added insulation while flooring could be done with marble tiles or granite depending on the budget. Bath fittings and kitchen appliances also contribute significantly to the finishing cost.

Bathrooms usually require significant plumbing works including durable UPVC pipelines for the sewerage system.

Additionally consider the cost of fixtures like doors wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. These elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house but also greatly improve its overall functionality and comfort.

Other finishing costs can include lighting arrangements paint electrical wiring and any exterior work like lawns and porches.

Lastly be prepared for unexpected finishing costs that might arise. For instance there might be extra charges for proper insulation against earthquakes or additional steps in construction for an expanded build area or basement.

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Remember the finishing phase is a crucial part of house construction and it’s where your house starts to feel like a home.

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