The cost of building your own home depends largely on your decisions in the process, and what your budget is. There is a wide-range of choices in many different price ranges, and traditional stick building is only one of those choices. You can certainly spend as much as you want, and depending on your location and situation, you may be able to spend less than you thought.

Controlling the Cost of Building Your Own Home

Controlling the Cost of Building Your Own Home: Large Budget
If you have a huge budget it is perhaps easier to build a house, but are you really getting a better house for your money? It is up to you to use your budget efficiently to create the home you have decided you want. One of the problems with a huge budget is often waste. Wasted space and the subsequent lack of efficiency is one of the telltale signs of a home that is over sized. When it comes to size it pays to think through the process as if your budget was limited. Consider what you really want, and what you actually need.

• Do you really need 6000 square feet? A smaller home will not only leave more of your budget available for elegance and true luxury, it may even be more comfortable.

• Have you really considered all the options and choices available? Another problem with a large budget is that people often take less time to consider their options.

• Is your plan unique and of architectural significance? A true luxury home should not look like the others in the area. A distinctive home, designed by a great architect is one of the greatest luxuries of a large budget.

• Often by spending more time and thought on your home building project you can save money and get a home that better meets your actual needs and desires.

• Take time to release your creativity. Enjoy and savor your home building choices. Don’t rush decisions.

Controlling the Cost of Building Your Own Home: Small Budget

If you have a tiny budget, and can barely afford to build a home at all, there are several things you can do. One is to save your money and bide your time, as you brainstorm the kind of home you really want. Another is to look for money saving construction options. There are actually many good choices in home building that can save you a lot of money.

• When you have a small budget, it is best to go with a smaller home. Small homes are very futuristic and many great architects are designing smaller more interesting homes.

• Consider alternate materials and building techniques. Read up on non traditional and green materials, and consider the possibility of using natural, manufactured, or recycled materials.

• Structural insulated forms (SIP) can be very economical, mostly because of the reduced cost of labor. They are also very energy efficient so that you save more money in the future.

• Log panels are a very economical option. A log panel shell costs only about $21 per square foot.

• Shells are an excellent option. Hire a home builder, to do all the heavy construction work, and then hand finish the rest yourself. Most people can learn to hang drywall, paint and lay floor coverings. Installing stock cabinets from the home improvement store is also simple. You will need an electrician and possibly a plumber.

• Insulated concrete panels are not always cheaper but they definitely save money on home repair and utilities. Choose the thickest ones, for maximum benefit. Insulated concrete panels are earthquake and storm resistant and will likely endure for hundreds of years without need of structural repairs.

• Modular homes can be very inexpensive option. Homes are completed in a factory, even down to the carpet, and merely snapped together onsite in less than a week. This is much less expensive than stick building on site. It’s a good alternative to a shell if you are unable to do the work involved in finishing a shell. A modular home comes completely finished and ready to move in.

Whether you have a large or small budget it always pays to be in control of your budget. Often less is more and simplicity rules the day, no matter how much money you may have at your disposal. It is important for rich and poor alike to take time to consider what they actually want and which things are important to them. With creativity and careful consideration it is possible to get more of the things you want and cut the cost of building your own home at the same time.

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