What Is The Cost Of Nanawall?


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If you’re considering a NanaWall for your home or commercial project you’re likely wondering about the cost.

As a custom-made system factors such as opening width height glass type and more all affect the final price.

However with some research you can gain a clear understanding of the cost of NanaWall and determine if it’s worth the investment.


Cost Of Nanawall


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Cost Factors of Nanawall

The cost of a Nanawall system is determined by various factors including opening size number of leaves and the type of door.

On average Nanawall doors cost around $1300 per linear foot with a 16 ft NanaWall costing between $18k and $22k.

Some factors influencing the cost of Nanawall include:

  • Size of the opening
  • Number of leaves (panels)
  • Type of system (sliding folding minimal sliding etc.)
  • Custom opening and panel size
  • Glass type and glazing options (ENERGY STAR ratings triple glazing etc.)
  • Door hardware
  • Finish choice (standard colors custom finishes)

Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls

Nanawall Generation 4 folding glass walls offer improved sealing aesthetics and overall performance.

Some popular Generation 4 models include the SL60 NW Aluminum 640 and NW Clad 740.

These doors meet energy efficiency codes and are suitable for demanding environments such as a Vancouver climate or extreme weather conditions.

Nanawall offers features such as a 3D product configurator and an Instant Estimator Tool to help customers determine pricing for their specific needs.

A custom quote is needed for sliding systems commercial applications or more complex requirements as these will alter the cost of the Nanawall system.

Custom Quotes for Complex Requirements

The cost of NanaWall systems is determined by multiple factors including opening width height and type of system chosen. For Generation 4 folding glass walls estimated pricing is available through the Instant Estimator Tool.

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However for sliding systems or commercial applications with complex requirements a custom quote is needed. To obtain a quote customers can contact a NanaWall Architectural Representative or use the custom revit or cad file support on the Nanawall website.

Slim Profiles and Flexible Openings

NanaWall offers a variety of folding glass walls sliding glass walls and frameless glass walls to fit the design needs of any project. Some of their best-selling folding glass walls include the SL60 NW Aluminum 640 and NW Clad 740.

These systems provide secure and durable features easy operation slim profiles and flexible openings making them an ideal choice for applications in residential and commercial settings.

The cost of a NanaWall system can vary with prices ranging from approximately $600 to $1900 a foot depending on factors such as opening size number of leaves and door type. For example a 16 ft NanaWall SL60 system can range from $18000 to $22000.

For projects requiring a custom opening or panel size glass type door hardware or finish choice NanaWall offers design consultation and a product finder tool to help customers select the right product to meet their needs and budget requirements.

Aside from NanaWall there are alternative options like Panoramic doors and Marvin’s Scenic Window products which offer similar functionality at potentially lower costs. However it is essential to thoroughly compare the features energy efficiency and durability of each option to determine the best fit for a project.

Best-Selling NanaWall Folding Glass Walls

NanaWall offers a variety of high-quality folding glass walls designed for both residential and commercial applications. Some of the best-selling folding glass walls include:

  • SL60: A versatile and energy-efficient option built to withstand demanding environments and extreme climates.
  • NW Aluminum 640: Combines German engineering with American manufacturing expertise for top performance and aesthetics.
  • NW Clad 740: A thermally broken aluminum framed system that meets ENERGY STAR ratings and provides excellent insulation.
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All of these folding glass walls feature slim profiles flexible openings easy operation and excellent durability to suit various design needs and budgets.

Customer Testimonials

NanaWall takes pride in offering premium products that add value to their customers’ projects. Here are some customer testimonials that showcase the benefits of using NanaWall systems:

  • “We love our Nanawall system! It’s the perfect addition to our kitchen and dining room creating an amazing indoor-outdoor living space.”
  • “Our NanaWall allows us to enjoy the beautiful views from our living room while providing excellent insulation during colder months. The German engineering and quality are top-notch.”
  • “We chose the NanaWall SL60 for our pool house because of its smooth operation secure and durable design and energy efficiency. It has exceeded all our expectations.”

To learn more about NanaWall products and how they can enhance your home or commercial space visit the NanaWall website and use their helpful design consultation tools and resources.

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