Cost To Build 2 Car Garage


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Ever wondered about the cost to build a 2 car garage?

Well you’re not alone.

It’s a common project for homeowners looking to increase storage space and property value.

But like any construction work it can require a significant investment.

The expense can range widely based on factors such as materials permit fees and labor costs.

So is the significant expense truly worth the increased convenience and value?

Cost To Build 2 Car Garage

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Cost Per Square Foot

The average cost to build a garage lies between $35 to $60 per square foot. However these estimates can fluctuate based on a myriad of factors such as the materials used labor costs and the geographic location.

Also bear in mind that these estimates may build in costs such as garage doors roofing and insulation but extras like windows or HVAC system may incur additional costs.

Average Cost

On average a basic 2-car garage will cost between $19600 to $28200. This estimate is inclusive of standard features but can increase according to add-ons and accessories like premium doors insulation storage solutions and advanced garage opener installations.

This average range varies based on the cost of living in different states.

Garage Type

The type of garage you choose significantly affects the cost to build a 2 car garage. It’s critical to review your options and decide which garage type aligns best with your needs budget and property layout.

1-car garage

While smaller than other options a 1-car garage offers adequate space for a single vehicle. Building costs for this option fall between $7500 and $14200.

2-car garage

A 2-car garage the center of our discussion provides space for two cars. The range for building this type of garage lies between $19600 and $28200.

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3-car garage

A 3-car garage accommodates three vehicles and comes with costs ranging from $28200 and $42700.

RV-size garages

For those planning to house a large vehicle like an RV RV-size garages are arguably the optimal choice. Building an RV garage can cost you from $36000 up to $140000.

Prefab garages

Pre-assembled or prefab garages are a cost-effective option. Depending on the size materials and customization options you can expect to pay between $5000 and $20000.

Attached vs detached garages

Another important choice to make is between attached garages and detached garages. The average cost of an attached garage ranges between $10500 to $27000 for a single-car garage and $14500 to $40300 for a 2-car garage.

Meanwhile a detached garage typically costs more reaching up to $45000 but provides more flexibility in design and positioning.

Additional Costs

Beyond the primary building cost additional expenses may arise depending on the materials garage features and specific regional requirements. These costs are worth considering as you plan your project.

Garage features

Adding a garage door opener could add $250 to $500 to your total cost while a garage entry door installation could range from $350 to $1500. Moreover installing windows to a garage is a great way to enhance natural light but it can add $100 to $600 per window.

Electrical work

Running electricity to a garage for lighting outlets and garage door openers can increase your budget by $1000 to $2500.


Garage insulation costs typically range from $0.90 to $2.75 per square foot and it significantly improves energy efficiency.

Building permits

Building permits are often necessary and can cost between $150 and $500.

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Additional features and options

Extra features such as running water a fridge and freezer storage space and cabinets a driveway or a full workshop area can lead to an increase in your total garage building cost.

Building Options

When it comes to building a garage options vary significantly based on the cost size and style needed. A one-car garage can cost from $7500 to $14000 while a 2-car garage ranges from $19600 to $28200 on average.

Bigger garages such as 3-car or 4-car garages are more costly – the range for a 3-car garage is $28200 to $42700 and even more for a 4-car garage.

Many homeowners opt for an attached garage for its accessibility and convenience. An attached garage allows easy access to the house without the need to brave the elements.

On the other hand some prefer to build a detached garage especially if they value extra workspace or privacy.

Besides traditional wood or stick-built garages prefabricated garage kits or metal garages are becoming increasingly popular for their affordability sustainability and durability. Expect to pay between $5000 and $20000 for prefab garages.

Site-built garages although often more expensive offer more customization options.

The cost to build a garage also involves factors like foundation which ranges from $1.25 to $15 per square foot framing costs from $1 to $5 per square foot and the cost of roofing materials and labor which is about $1000 to $16000. Another consideration to make is the garage door installation which typically costs between $550 to $1800.

The type of siding prices vary depending on materials as does the cost of electrical work extra windows and installation of a foundation.

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Opting for additional features and accessories like built-in cabinets a workbench HVAC system garage door opener and other add-ons will also affect the overall cost.

Regardless of your building choices remember to factor in the cost for building permits which can range from $150 to $500 depending on local regulations.

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