Cost To Build A City Like Dubai


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Have you ever wondered about the financial undertaking required to build a city analogous to Dubai?

This flourishing metropolis has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small fishing village.

It now boasts some of the world’s most impressive architectural wonders luxurious lifestyles and innovative technologies.

But the transformation of sand dunes into a glimmering city surely didn’t just happen overnight.

What mysteries and extravagances are hidden behind its rapid growth and glittering skyscrapers?

Cost To Build A City Like Dubai

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Cost Of Building A City

Building a city like Dubai constitutes a massive engineering venture costing hundreds of billions of dollars. From the initial estimates Dubai city reported a construction cost of about $20 billion.

However this figure is spread over multiple decades and doesn’t include upfront costs only.

Creating such a city not only involves construction design and engineering costs but also the salaries for millions of workers. With an average salary range of $1309.56 to $26953.44 per month in Dubai the staff charges alone can amount to billions of dollars.

Moreover such a huge project also has the ‘breathes’ of factors such as size location infrastructure and regulatory issues affecting the total cost.

Notably structures such as the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa which alone cost $1.5 billion for construction drive these costs up. Additionally efforts such as the Sustainable City project that’s expected to cost $354 million also contribute to these massive costs.

Land Costs In Building A City

The cost of land in building locations like Dubai varies depending on local real estate market conditions. Throughout the development of Dubai peak values were seen as high as 200 per square foot before falling by 70.83% from its peak in 2008.

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Notably the concentration and height of buildings on a given land parcel also affect the cost. Structures like the Burj Khalifa demand more vertical development costs significantly driving up land values.

Furthermore the process of land reclamation also known as dredging used to create more room for construction in Dubai also adds to the land costs.

Besides location value upfront capital costs also embody heavy construction materials and project management tools required to build structures. The Wasl Tower for instance is estimated to cost $400 million—making these costs integral parts of Dubai’s overall construction costs.

Profitability In Building A City

Building a city like Dubai is a substantial undertaking that demands upfront capital costs ranging from a few million to hundreds of billions of dollars. However profitability prevails in cities that meet their citizens’ needs and succeed in attracting businesses.

When we look at the case of Dubai a city whose development began in 1994 and was completed by 1999 at a cost of $7.8 billion it’s easy to see the city’s growth.

Moreover the cost to build Dubai City was approximately $20 billion and it has since grown into a significant commercial hub that attracts global customers.

Dubai’s economy is diverse and doesn’t rely solely on oil contributing to its success.

Capital Costs Of Other Cities

Multiple factors determine the cost of building a city such as size location and infrastructure among others. For instance land cost is highly influenced by the local real estate market.

To provide some perspective take a look at the capital costs of other cities:

  • Shenzhen China$300 billion
  • Dubai United Arab Emirates$100 billion
  • New York City United States$90 billion
  • Singapore Singapore$60 billion
  • Seoul South Korea$50 billion
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These cities’ costs highlight the economic development and growth potential of large-scale city development projects. However they also emphasise the significant investment required to create build and maintain such large urban environments.


Ultimately the magnitude of the venture to build a city like Dubai is massive. Considering the costs incurred in its development it’s clear that the project requires an enormous budget expert planning and a significant timeframe to complete properly.

The cost to build such a city can amount to several hundred billion dollars with expenses spread across decades rather than being an upfront lump sum. These expenditures encompass construction design and engineering costs which alone can extend into the trillions of dollars region.

Furthermore a construction project of this scale would require the employment of millions of workers over at least a 10-year period. The financial implications of providing salaries for all of these individuals also contribute significantly to the overall cost.

Specific case studies such as the creation of Dubai solidify this point. Initial construction of the city took place between 1994 and 1999 costing approximately $7.8 billion.

The continuation and development of the city were estimated at around $20 billion.

Additional projects in the region such as the Sustainable City Project and Wasl Tower constructions demonstrate that the costs even for individual ventures within the city can reach hundred of millions of dollars.

In closing the ambition to build a city like Dubai is an impressive but costly endeavour. Recognizing the immense resources and funding required are the first steps to properly assessing its feasibility.

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