Cost To Build A Deck Per Square Foot


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If you’ve ever pondered the cost to build a deck per square foot you’re not alone!

Decks are great additions to our homes and understanding the expenses tied to their creation is crucial.

Finance and home improvement go hand in hand and mastering these aspects can enhance your homeownership experience significantly.

Can you believe that some people end up overpaying due to inadequate research?

Cost To Build A Deck Per Square Foot

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Deck Cost Calculator

The deck cost calculator estimates the cost of building a deck based on width and depth dimensions. It’s a handy tool for homeowners planning decking projects taking into account different factors that impact the total price.

This tool allows homeowners to select between natural wood or composite decking offering comparisons on material costs. Of course the type of material greatly affects the average deck cost per square foot.

In general pressure-treated pine is the least expensive option at $3 to $6 per square foot while composite decking such as Trex costs between $5 to $13 per square foot.

One of the key features of this calculator is the downloadable designing plans it offers. This not only provides a practical layout but also ensures an aesthetically pleasing result.

Once you have punched in your deck dimensions you are free to explore and compare the various cost factors.

Average Cost To Build A Deck

The average cost to build a deck hovers around $7320 but prices can stretch from $3920 to $10540 depending on various factors with some extravagant projects reaching up to $17000.

One of the main influencers of cost is the decking material. Softwoods like pine and cedar tend to be the most cost-efficient while exotic hardwoods like Redwood and Ipe typically range from $7 to $15 per square foot.

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PVC decks and composites are a bit pricier but they are favored for their superior durability. The cost per square foot can be from $8.20 to $13.30 for composite decking.

Another significant cost factor is the size of the deck with prices per square foot kicking in.

It’s always important to consider the complexity of design and regional material costs as well. A typical American deck size for instance is between 300 and 400 square feet.

This dimension mixed with the selected material and design intricacy will contribute to the total cost.

Deck Cost Estimator

The cost of building a deck can vary immensely. Size materials design complexity and regional differences all play a part.

A deck cost estimator can give you an approximate cost to build
a deck per square foot beneficial for budget planning.

Materials and Pricing

The type of materials used shapes the cost. Pressure-treated pine is a wallet-friendly option averaging $3 to $6 per square foot.

Exotic hardwoods like Redwood or Ipe are pricier ranging from $7 to $15 per square foot. A Composite decking option like Trex can set you back $5 to $13 per square foot.

Calculating Costs

The deck cost estimator calculates costs based on width and depth dimensions.

Alternatively you can use a complex calculator. This tool can provide figures for concrete joist span stairs railing beams and footings baluster spacing and more.

Design Plans

The calculator isn’t just about cost approximation. It also offers free deck design plans making designing a new deck a fun and less intimidating experience.

Possible Designs

You can build single-level decks multi-level decks or even decks with intricate designs.

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You can also explore wrap-around stairs raised foundations or even floating decks.

Material Costs For Building A Deck

Material cost is often the biggest expense in deck building. Prices can be influenced by type of wood size and overall design.

Pressure-Treated Pine

This material is the least expensive decking option costing $3 to $6 per square foot.

Exotic Hardwoods

Hardwoods like Redwood or Ipe are considerably more expensive at $7 to $15 per square foot.

Composite Decking

Composite material options like Trex cost between $5 to $13 per square foot. But it’s an investment that requires less upkeep than natural wood.

Material cost factors in heavily when estimating the cost to build a deck per square foot.

Deck Sizes and Costs

  • 8×10 deck with pressure-treated wood: $520
  • 14×20 deck with exotic hardwoods: $3920

DIY or Hire a Contractor?

The cost to build can vary depending on whether you decide to build the deck yourself or hire a professional. DIY deck building can reduce labor cost but can ramp up equipment and material cost.

Alternatively hiring a deck builder can increase the value of the deck backed by their experience and craftsmanship.

Hiring A Deck Builder

If you want to focus on building a quality deck bringing in a professional deck builder can simplify the process. Deck builders like most professionals have the attention to detail subtle understanding of codes and technical knowledge about construction projects.

Pressure-treated wood to exotic hardwoods PVC decks and composite decking a proficient deck builder is familiar with various materials and their costs. Thus they can guide you in choosing the best material for your deck while considering factors like budget maintenance and appearance.

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A professional deck builder is also acquainted with deck styles & types ranging from basic to elaborate ones. They can help you visualize your plan using 3D design software making the designing process a fun experience.

Considering an experienced deck builder doesn’t just ease the process but can also increase the value of your home. It is often noticed that homes with professionally-installed decks attract higher sales prices.

If you’re anxious or intimidated by the technical words in contracts or legalities hiring a contractor also helps with these aspects. They also know the recommended practice to get building permits.

Remember to affirm that your contractor is backed by valid insurances and warranties. Only hire a deck builder with positive ratings and reviews.

Ensure they present a detailed project cost breakdown and timeline before signing the contract.

If a deck builder fails to meet these requirements you should browse for different deck builders. Building a deck is not a project to take lightly.

It’s a significant investment that adds comprehensive utility and improves your home’s interior.

Whether it’s a hardwood deck or a composite one a trusted builder helps ensure that you get the best deck for your budget making deck building a rewarding endeavor.

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