Cost To Build An App Like Uber


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Everyone is curious about the cost to build an app like Uber.

It’s the kind of question that arises when we witness the tremendous success of such a revolutionary concept.

Entrepreneurs start-ups and businesses are always hunting for effective ways to replicate such successful models.

But how many truly understand the finances that go into creating an app that stands out in the crowd?

Is the cost of creating an Uber-like app a simple straightforward figure or is it a complex web of multiple factors?

Cost To Build An App Like Uber

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Uber App Development Cost

Building an app like Uber can cost anywhere from $67000 to $150000 based on the complexity and number of features it includes. Building two user apps for iOS and Android can also impact the cost.

Factors influencing the cost include the company type whether it is a startup or an established business the app platform (Android or iOS) and the type of app (native or hybrid).

Freelancers may offer a lower cost but a professional development agency can provide enhanced security and guaranteed success. The cost to develop an app also suggests considering app maintenance cost which is approximately 20% of the total development cost.

Key Features Of Uber-Like App

When building an app like Uber include features like geolocation ride scheduling booking a ride for others splitting a fare and payment integration. Another key feature is the clear and easy-to-use UI/UX design and also features for both driver-side and customer-side are equally important.

The development of these features can take around 3 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity and functionalities involved. Also each feature has its cost ranging from $6000 to $8000.

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Fundamental features on the rider’s side include registration or social media log-in booking fare estimation tracking the driver payment options notifications chat or call option with the driver ratings and customer support.

Factors Influencing App Development Cost

The cost to build an app like Uber can depend on various factors such as:

  • Complexity of the App: Depending upon the complexity and unique features integrated into the uber app the development cost may vary.
  • Technology Stack: The use of different tech stacks like Node.js Swift Kotlin Amazon S3 etc. can affect the cost.
  • App Platform: The platform(s) for which the app is developed – Android or iOS – also impacts the development cost.
  • Type of the App: Whether the app being developed is native or hybrid can also influence the cost.

Hiring Freelancers Vs Development Agency For Uber-Like App

When aiming to create an app like uber entrepreneurs need to decide between hiring freelancers or a professional development team.

Hiring freelancers may seem cost-effective but a professional development agency provides more guarantee of success. With a development agency like Imaginovation you get an experienced team with expertise in different programming languages and tools.

They also ensure a robust app-user interaction top-notch UI/UX design and assure the app maintenance after development.

Freelancers Development Agency
Expertise Specific technical skills Broad technical skills
Accountability Low High
Maintenance Not assured Assured
Cost Less expensive Higher cost with more value

Successful Development Of Uber-Like App

The development of an Uber-like app can be divided into three major parts: the driver app the passenger app and the admin panel. Each part requires a different set of features and functionalities contributing to the overall cost to build an app like Uber.

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Development teams must have expertise in various tools such as Kotlin Swift Node.js Amazon S3 and Google Maps. They need to handle each aspect of the app from payment integration and geolocation tracking to ride scheduling and fare splitting functionalities.

The tech stack for this type of app also involves APIs such as Facebook SDK for easy user registration Google Directions for route optimization and Twilio for notifications and communication between drivers and passengers.

The type of features selected also impacts the app development cost. The base versions of an on-demand taxi service app like Uber will require registration booking ride cost estimation and payments.

Advanced features like booking a ride for others splitting fare and driver destinations require additional development time adding to the cost of development.

Hiring an experienced Android/iOS engineer is fundamental to successful app development as they can help build a top-notch UI and ensure flawless app-user interaction. A back-end developer is also critical for developing a robust SaaS application and ensuring fast response times.

App maintenance is an additional cost to consider. Typically this is around 20% of the total development cost and is crucial to keep the app running smoothly with bug fixes and new features.

Cost may also vary depending on the complexity of the app company type app platform and type of app. For instance the cost to build a native app may be different from a hybrid one.

Research is crucial before jumping into development as it helps identify the best app development company understand the market demand and prepare a reasonable time frame for taking the app from concept to launch.

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