Cost To Build An Indoor Olympic Size Pool


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If you’re considering to invest in a top tier facility you might be wondering about the cost to build an indoor Olympic size pool.

Owning an indoor Olympic pool is a mark of luxury and a prime tool for fitness.

However such a monumental project comes with many considerations.

From initial construction costs to ongoing maintenance the financial commitment is a significant one.

But exactly how significant you might ask?

Cost To Build An Indoor Olympic Size Pool

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Indoor Olympic Pool Cost Estimate

Building an indoor olympic-size pool is undoubtedly a high-budget project but the myriad benefits like increased convenience year-round access and controlled environment make it a worthwhile investment. Costs range from around $868128 up to $1.8 million based on factors including pool materials like fiberglass which can cost from $17914 to $52695 to sprayed concrete costing $22568 to $126003 and vinyl lined creations amounting to somewhere between $20239 to $57875.

Considering the styles such as saltwater pools at an average of $50000 infinity pools at around $79000 and endless pools with extra costs from $24000 to $37000 each one leaves a distinctive impact on the complete cost. A quality pool a la Michael Phelps carries an estimate exceeding $25 million putting it high above the national average cost for pool installations.

Let’s not forget additional features like heating systems lights hardscaping and pool houses among others. These can add several thousands to the sum pushing an indoor olympic sized pool’s cost estimate upwards.

Indoor pools also necessitate the installation of a dehumidifying system ranging around $187500 to $251250 further factored into the total cost.

However costs vary significantly based on your specific needs local cost the size of the pool and more. Consulting a local pool installation company or multiple swimming pool builders to get competitive quotes is key.

Factors Affecting Pool Building Costs

When considering building an indoor olympic-size pool various factors come into play affecting the cost. The process starts with choosing between different types of pools where each option – including family leisure pools lap pools and plunge pools comes with its own cost range.

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The biggest influencing factors are size and materials. With average costs ranging from $20240 to $78858 based on square footage a significant part of the overall cost involves the material type.

Options like fiberglass sprayed concrete and vinyl lined have diverse costs thus noticeably affecting the total budget.

Additional factors can include geographic location local climate setback requirements and accessibility. Terrain can also play a crucial role especially when you need to factor in excavation costs for in-ground options.

Last but not least ongoing maintenance costs and how much your homeowner’s insurance rates may increase could become substantial financial considerations.

It’s also worthwhile to bear in mind that not all features are need-to-have. Some features like pool enclosures enhancing lighting or hardscaping while adding appeal and functionality tend to increase the cost and could slightly diminish your ROI if you intend to sell your home down the line.

Given these financial considerations obtaining numerous quotes from swimming pool builders to compare costs is necessary for an accurate cost estimate.

Price Tiers For Indoor Pool Construction

Building an indoor olympic size pool requires a significant budget. Here are the three pricing tiers:

  • Budget-friendly pools are above-ground pools. These are the most affordable option costing on average $6000 depending on size and materials used.
  • Mid-range pools are made of fiberglass. These tend to have more custom features and higher quality materials costing on average $20240 to $78858.
  • Luxury pools are usually custom designed in-ground pools with premium features. These can cost up to $1.8 million depending on the features and finishes chosen.

Example: An indoor Olympic-sized lap pool falls in the higher end of the mid-range to luxury price tier costing between $300000 and $500000.

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Additional Costs

Beyond the pool construction costs there are additional costs such as the pool heater installation ($1800 to $4100) pool lighting ($700 to $1500) and pool cover ($1000 to $3000). A pool enclosure can cost between $2000 and $10000 while ongoing maintenance can cost between $150 and $260 per month.

Families looking to keep costs down can opt for smaller pools with fewer added features or even DIY-friendly project pools that can be managed personally.

Pros And Cons Of Indoor Pool Ownership

While building an indoor pool provides many benefits there are also drawbacks to consider.

Pros Of Indoor Pool Ownership

Benefits of owning an indoor pool include the possibilities for family fun entertainment and exercise. It’s also a fantastic way to cool off during a hot summer day all from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover depending on the design an indoor pool can increase the aesthetics and value of your home.

Cons Of Indoor Pool Ownership

A strong point to consider is the loss of yard space. Indoor pools also require a significant commitment to regular maintenance which includes time and resources to ensure clean water and balanced chemical levels.

Owning an indoor pool can make your property harder to sell due to the additional maintenance and costs potential buyers may have to incur although this also depends on the market and buyer’s preferences.

Other drawbacks include high installation and operational costs including the need for a dehumidifying system (with costs ranging from $200 to $5000) and potentially higher homeowner’s insurance rates.

Diy Indoor Pool Installation

Building an indoor Olympic-size pool can be a major project but it’s possible to take on some of this work yourself to help save on costs.

While the idea of a DIY-friendly project might seem daunting there are resources available. You can leverage your team’s strengths and prioritize work to map out a plan.

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There’s the possibility of eliminating unnecessary meetings making this a productive use of man-hours.

It’s critical to know that building a pool in your backyard involves considering factors such as local climate setback requirements trees and accessibility and the slope of your yard. This project also requires obtaining the necessary permits which can vary significantly in cost depending on your location.

Meanwhile the materials needed for pool construction can range from concrete to fiberglass to vinyl each with its unique cost. Installing the filtration and heating system the ladder diving board and underwater lights are essential aspects of the project that need careful planning and execution.

Maintenance costs such as monitoring the filter system and the chemical levels in the water will be ongoing. Plus indoor pools will need a dehumidifier system to handle humidity and condensation issues.

A dehumidifying system can cost from $200 to $5000 depending on the size of the indoor space.

Budgeting for the pool project involves careful calculation and estimates including labor costs if hiring a carpenter or other professionals. If however you have a knack for DIY projects doing some of the work yourself can save money.

You might also consider fewer added features upfront and plan for future upgrades to keep costs down.

It’s important to know that the average cost to build an Olympic-size pool can range from $868128 to $1.8 million. Of course scaling down the size or using less expensive materials could significantly reduce this figure.

Creating your own indoor pool can be a rewarding process and having your own personal endless pool offers limitless possibilities for swimming and entertaining. Remember the final result should be a relaxing and enjoyable space that also adds value to your home.

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