Cost To Build Apartment Over Garage


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Ever wondered about the cost to build an apartment over your garage?

This is a question that many homeowners encounter when they think about maximizing their space.

Pricing construction can be tricky each project comes with its unique variables.

Things like location size and design feature choices can all influence the final price.

But how expensive can it really be to add a living space above your garage and what factors affect this cost?

Cost To Build Apartment Over Garage

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Apartment Over Garage Cost

The cost of building an apartment over a garage is typically cheaper than a house per square foot. The cost for building such a space is influenced by location materials used and specific requirements.

Legitimate estimates from licensed local contractors help to assess the accurate number. The average cost considering the above factors is determined to be between $100000 to $200000.

Constructing a 2.5 car garage with an apartment above incurs additional costs such as plumbing HVAC Anderson windows stairs flooring insulation and trim. The estimated cost for building a 600 sq.

ft. apartment over a 2-car garage can range up to $60/sf whereas a garage not attached to the house may cost $40 to $50/sf.

The burden of local restrictions the high costs of construction the struggle for a stable foundation and creating a visually appealing design are certain cons that homeowners experience during the process. However the completion of the project provides an additional living space within budget a no-footprint on the yard space and adds to an improved curb appeal of the house.

Garage Apartment Pricing

Budgeting is a crucial aspect while constructing an apartment over a garage. The basic bare shell materials cost can be minimized using culled lumber and by procuring affordable kitchen and bathroom items from places like the Habitat for Humanity shop or Kijiji.

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A sample budget for a project could include $7000 for materials for a car and a half garage. This estimates the total cost for materials to be around $14000.

Kitchen and bathroom additions would add approximately $10000 and plans and permits might be approximately $2000. The total minimum cost for the project would be around an estimated $30000.

Specific constraints like location labor availability and construction difficulties can influence the cost efficiency and time efficiency of the project. For example the cost of building a two-car garage with an apartment in a high-cost area could approach to a six-digit figure.

The cost could also be more for homeowners who hire professional GCs. Alternatively the cost would be less if materials and services are sourced from enterprises like Habitat for Humanity shop or by hiring top-tier software developers from

Cost Of Building Garage Apartment

Building a garage apartment can provide valuable additional living space and inherent perks. However every potential property developer needs to understand the costs.

The average cost to build a garage with an apartment above it is $200000 although this pricing is dependent upon location and materials used.

Location plays a significant impact on determining the cost of your building project. Certain states have substantially higher costs than others linked mainly to the availability of labor and materials.

Always conduct local research to achieve the most accurate information.

Incremental Costs

When planning a build don’t forget that the incremental cost of wood insulation and other similar bare shell materials does not equal the price per square foot of a house. In fact a garage is similar to a small house complete with plumbing HVAC systems and electrical systems.

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Though added costs that come with building a garage apartment include provisions for stairs window & door fittings flooring insulation trim painting and lighting. Proper planning is crucial to avoid unforeseen budgeting pitfalls.

Garage Apartment Construction Cost

A typical construction pattern often involves building a much-used two-car garage with a handy apartment above. Estimates put the cost of this around $100000 to $200000.

A quick rule of thumb trick is to consider the cost of a detached garage is typically $40 to $50 per square foot; this can provide a ballpark figure.

Cost Variables

Additional space in the form of bedrooms and bathrooms can escalate the cost capping around $265000 for a two bedrooms and a bathroom build. These figures are also reliant on the type of contractor hired for the building process building permit fees and the specific materials used.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a critical aspect of managing a project effectively. Look at using personal funds or exploring various financing options such as loans or funding grants depending on your credit score and other factors.

Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of every cost and potential risk involved.

Resources and Tools

  • $60/sf of space
  • Extras such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Construction crews
  • Insurances and permits

Construction Cost Comparison

Construction Variables Cost Estimate
Garage with two Bedrooms and a Bathroom Around $265000
Two-Car Garage with Apartment Above $100000 to $200000
Building Permit Costs Variable
Contractor Costs Variable

Garage Apartment Expenses

Building a two-car garage with an apartment above it typically requires an estimated budget from $100000 to $200000 with expenses including everything from materials to utility systems like plumbing and HVAC. In areas where costs are typically higher you might even expect to pay a price closer to $265000 for a two-bedroom one bathroom setup.

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The cost to build a garage with an apartment might seem hefty but it’s actually cost efficient when compared to the price per square foot of a house. By constructing on top of an existing structure homeowners can avoid some of the excessive amount of money associated with expanding horizontally — or in particular building a separate ADU.

The exact cost varies greatly based on location and specific requirements and it’s a good idea to garner legitimate estimates from local licensed and insured contractors to help crystallize the budget. Keep in mind that certain expenses such as permits are not optional; forgoing these may lead to issues with insurance coverage down the line.

For a DIY approach there are pre-made kits available at DIY stores that can help lower costs. For example a $7000 one and a half car garage can be built for roughly $14000 for materials not including an estimated $10000 for kitchen and bathroom fixtures and $2000 for plans and permits.

Done individually the total bare minimum estimated cost for such a project rings in at around $30000.

Costs can be cut even further by culling lumber and procuring kitchen and bathroom items from more affordable sources like the Habitat for Humanity Restore or community trading platforms like Kajiji.

However the financial burden is offset by the possibility of creating a second income by renting out the space justify the initial financial outlay.

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