Cost To Build Exterior Stairs With Landing


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Curious about the cost to build exterior stairs with landing? You’re not alone.

Many homeowners are intrigued by this project.

Stairs are more than just a way to get from one level to another.They can add a unique aesthetic appeal to your home.

But before you start it’s important to understand the potential costs involved.

So how much can you expect to spend on this project?The answer might surprise you.

Cost To Build Exterior Stairs With Landing

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Cost Breakdown

The overall cost to build exterior stairs with a landing can vary greatly influenced by factors such as materials and labor. The total cost for a typical job might range from $1380 to $2520.

The cost per tread could lie between $15 and $210 with additional costs for the frame or stringer in the region of $115 to $210.

Labor can comprise a large chunk of the project cost sometimes accounting for 40% to 60% of the overall expenditure. This is because building stairs especially with a landing requires high level of carpentry skills.

Considering materials alone the costs could range from $552 to $1512.

Materials may include douglas fir stringers pine step and riser boards common nails and stainless steel fasteners. Handrails are often made of pine lumber with balusters.

The estimate also often includes costs for minor concrete work for the footing estimated at about $72.

Deck Material Impact

The type of deck materials you choose directly impacts the total cost of the project. For instance deck boards and stringers constructed from mixed softwoods or treated pine-wood structure are usually less expensive than those made from composite materials but they may require more maintenance.

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Typically composite decking is a low-maintenance but initially more expensive option.

Besides decking the materials needed for stairs may include: a few cubic feet of concrete mixed on site for the footing reinforcing steel and handrail made of pine lumber. Details like riser boards may add to the costs but provide a finished and attractive result.

It’s also important to remember that safety requirements such as railings and balusters constitute necessary costs for the stair structure.

Railings can especially vary in price depending on their material and style. Wood and metal railings usually cost $40 to $60 per linear foot composite railings are around $15 per linear foot and vinyl railings can be between $20 and $40 per linear foot.

Labor Expenses

Construction of exterior stairs with a landing can significantly vary in cost due to labor expenses. On average labor can make up 40% to 60% of the project’s overall cost depending on the complexity of the design stairway rise width and the labor rate in your area.

According to a literature review from and Craftsman Estimator Costbook the labor cost for carpentry works starts at about $288. For concrete work including the creation of a solid footing expect an additional $72.

Elevated porch or deck stairs are typically more labor-intensive. This is because they require more steps a higher level of carpentry skills and may involve the additional challenge of uneven terrain.

Remember the more complex the job the higher the labor cost.

Baluster Requirements

Balusters also known as stair spindles play a crucial role in the safety and aesthetics of your stairs. These vertical supports help keep users from falling off the sides and add a visually attractive element.

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Material spacing and size all play a role in the cost.

Wooden balusters are a traditional choice but metals like aluminum stainless steel and even glass offer a sturdy yet modern appeal. Prices can range from $40 to $60 per linear foot for wood and metal balusters.

The quantity required for each exterior stairway will depend on the overall railing length and the number of posts. For example a standard deck might require a railing length of 10 feet.

  • Wood Railing: $40 – $60 per linear foot
  • Metal Railing: $40 – $60 per linear foot
  • Composite Railing: $15 per linear foot
  • Vinyl Railing: $20 – $40 per linear foot

It’s crucial to consider the baluster requirements carefully as they contribute to both the functional and aesthetic appeal of your exterior stairs.

Diy Considerations

Building your own exterior stairs with a landing can be an appealing project if you’re a seasoned DIY person. Cost by city such as Phoenix IL Austin TX or even Brooklyn NY may vary and frequently provide attractive results particularly when considering material costs alone.

However it’s worth noting that such a project often requires advanced carpentry skills for the cutting joining and securing of the separate pieces. Reinforcing steel for the concrete footing can be challenging due to its weight and complexity.

DIY considerations also include properly measuring the stair width stairway rise and riser boards. Materials such as douglas fir stringers balusters and treated pine-wood structure can be bought from local stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s potentially reducing costs.

However when considering the labor cost and potential challenges in installing the stairs accurately and safely it might be advantageous to engage a professional. If you live in cities like Seattle WA or Minneapolis MN use DIY Web sites to find local costs and reliable vendors.

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Measurements and estimations can also be easily calculated by using websites like or Craftsman Estimator Costbook to give more accurate cost estimates.

Partial DIY is an option which includes doing minor concrete work and finishing details like painting staining or attaching the handrail. This provides a balance between saving costs and ensuring the job is done properly.

Remember to factor in costs for maintenance aesthetic and functional qualities as well as safety parameters when making your final decision to DIY.

Building your own exterior stairs with landing is certainly plausible with the right skill level it’s worthwhile to evaluate your abilities and the depth of the investment needed to attain your desired result.

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